We live in an era where the flag of democracy waves. The Five Eyes proudly proclaim themselves to be independent democracies, implying that each of them is independent and free. Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States, which constitute the Five Eyes, are all interdependent; none is truly independent. Of the Five Eyes, America is the only democratic republic, although it tries desperately to promote itself solely as a democracy. The speeches of American political leaders are rife with references to it being a democracy. As political philosopher John Stuart Mill warned, democracy does not equate to freedom; democracies can be dangerous because they can invoke tyranny by the majority.

The main distinction between a democratic republic and a democracy is that there can be no monarch in a republic. Clearly, there is an agenda behind the American government wanting to hide the fact that it is a republic. Americans have been encouraged to welcome royals of all types, especially those of the British royal family. At the same time, the American public has been surreptitiously kept ignorant of its past, and the reason why so many American lives were sacrificed to break away from the British monarchy in order to become an independent republic.

It is unsettling for observers to witness four countries which have the Queen of England as their head of state collaborating with America, the only former British colony to break away from the British Empire. As the predominant force of the Five Eyes, the United States has bound itself to the British monarchy.

American patriots who understand why their country became a republic know the difference between a democracy and a republic. However, many American patriots are ignorant of this critical distinction, because they are victims of American government propaganda.

Last week, a self-proclaimed patriot named Doug Hughes flew a small gyrocopter through restricted airspace and landed it on the Capitol lawn. It was carrying 535 letters, individually addressed to each Member of Congress and the Senate. When this news appeared on international television, many commentators thought it was funny. On the contrary, Hughes' actions and message were very serious. He claimed that he was protesting against government corruption and the plutocracy that America had become, where the rich and powerful dictate to the government. It is common knowledge that not only the American government, but most governments these days, answer to the ruling elite.

Hughes claims that the solution to the present situation is to employ Article 5 of the American Constitution, which would amount to calling for a Constitutional Convention. This would be the most dangerous thing imaginable to American liberty. If a Constitutional Convention is called, the entire Constitution can come into question, which is exactly what the ruling elite want.

If the Constitution is reworked or rescinded, anything could emerge. The previous Constitutional Convention of 1787 commenced with the stated intention of amending the Articles of Confederation. This resulted in the radical abolition of the Articles of Confederation and the introduction of the current American Constitution, which lacked protection of individual rights. Thus, the Bill of Rights was appended to the Constitution to gain the public's support. Without the Bill of Rights, the people of America would not be effectively protected from their government.

The ruling elite have been trying to demolish the American Bill of Rights for a long time. They are well aware that a Constitutional Convention would allow a perfect opportunity to alter the foundation of American government. In a Constitutional Convention, the 13th and 14th Amendments could be repealed, which would legalise slavery and make a mockery of the Civil War! With all the increasing racial tensions in America, imagine how volatile the situation could become! Slavery is on the rise worldwide. America is not immune to the temptation of exploitation of people under slavery.

The ruling elite want to strip the American people of the right to possess and bear arms. A Constitutional Convention could remove the right to bear arms! Australia, one of the Five Eyes, removed almost all rights of its people to possess and bear arms with a single, supposedly lone gunman incident. A massacre occurred at Port Arthur, Australia, a former prison that is currently a popular tourist destination. A man with an IQ of only 65 was convicted for the massacre, something he was incapable of performing by himself. Nineteen tourists were reportedly shot and killed by single shots to the head. Sixteen more tourists were killed by multiple gunshots. A deranged commando could not have accomplished such a crime, yet the man convicted of the massacre had no military training and supposedly acted alone! The guns were taken from Australians shortly after the massacre. One must wonder when a statue of a seal will be erected at the Port Arthur prison to recognise the real perpetrators!

The entire structure of the American government could be altered by a Constitutional Convention. This could include giving more power to the President, removing restrictions on the number of terms a president can serve, or even convert the country from a republic to a constitutional monarchy under the British monarch! Then, all the Five Eyes would indeed be fully constituted!

One has to wonder if Doug Hughes is an agent for the ruling elite, or a victim of a ruling elite sting operation. He talks repeatedly about democracy, not a democratic republic. If he is sincere, he must be na´ve if he thinks that the rich and powerful will not control the outcome of a Constitutional Convention.

No freedom-loving American should support a Constitutional Convention. It is a dangerous trap to individual liberty.