In this world, human beings are exposed to horrific situations. This causes people to look for answers to the meaning of life, but not many look at life as the adventure of one's spirit.

A significant problem of many concepts regarding the meaning of life is that they are based on insufficient understanding of the old belief systems from which they stem. What ancient knowledge researchers and searchers have to work with is already corrupted. As time passes, more and more corruption creeps in. This is the way of the world. In this world, things tend towards corruption.

The tendency towards corruption permeates all aspects of life. No matter how pure a system begins, it faces corruption along its path. It can slip in through innocent misunderstanding or deliberate manipulation. Anyone who has seriously looked into things in life has observed the tendency towards corruption.

Corruption is evident in biological life, political affairs, conflicts, medicine, law, commerce, religion, education, society, arts, sports, entertainment, recreation and everything that is collectively referred to as culture. The corruption permeating everything is undeniable.

One thing that everyone accepts is that biological entities eventually die. Hence, death is the focal point of life. Young and healthy members of society view death vicariously. They see death as an event associated with the aged and afflicted; they tend to see themselves as somewhat invincible, until someone in their sphere of association who was young and healthy dies. In such cases, the death can be traumatising and life changing. It can refocus the affected person on their own ultimate demise.

The issue is that death is a corruption of life. The Living God does not die; It is eternal. In the True Creation, there is no death. Everyone here is trapped in a corrupted existence, where there is death.

To avoid contemplation of death, people will consciously or subconsciously do anything to distract themselves from it. Hence, everyone is, in one way or another, participating in temporarily distracting themselves from the inevitable. Life in this realm is akin to a protest against whoever or whatever is in charge of this world. Over time, people have developed various theories of who or what runs this world. Naturally, these views are corrupted also. Some have named the Force as God, others have called It Satan. Some hold a monotheistic view, while others take a polytheistic position. Still others deny the controlling Intelligence altogether, and take on agnostic or atheistic approaches. In Homeless Souls, I refer to the controlling Force of this realm as the Conspirators.

Corruption of the mind is widespread. Corrupted minds corrupt religions. This week, some corrupted believers in Africa said that Allah wants them to abduct young girls and sell them as brides, slaves and prostitutes. Other corrupted believers in America want to burn the Koran to protect Christianity. Some corrupted believers in ancestral worship believe that their ancestors have told them that they should murder certain races to honour their ancestors. The examples go on and on, and are not limited to any particular race, culture, faith, religion or belief. None of these corrupted ideas are helpful for peace and harmony.

Within the Conspirators' realm, everything is corrupted and tends towards corruption. The physical governments that rule this world are very much corrupted. All governments tend to be unjust in one sense or another. The American experiment with liberty attempted to reverse the corruption in government by placing power in the hands of the people, but the government corrupted the whole ideal and concept of liberty into what America stands for today liberty corrupted.

Injustice causes unrest, as anger, pent up frustration and other powerful emotions can erupt. Governmental injustice can lead to serious rebellions in the form of violence and even civil wars. One relatively peaceful method of expressing dissatisfaction and objection to governmental abuse is through civil disobedience.

Civil disobedience can lead to changes, but at a huge price. The corrupted government may superficially change some of its behaviour to quell the unrest, but the solution will not have purified the government. In many cases, it will only have caused corrupted officials to camouflage their behaviour. Those who participated in the civil disobedience are thereafter marked by the corrupt government.

Anyone who speaks out against the establishment, which includes all of the Earth's governments, is marked. Those who protest against taxes, military conscription, wars, abortion, domestic violence, pornography, slavery, child labour, gun control, pollution and other political issues have all exposed themselves to the corrupted officials. Once the governments have marked those that they perceive as threats to the establishment, they start taking action against them. They use any of their forces or weapons against the minds and bodies of their targets.

The targets can be harassed by local police, their possessions and their employment can be jeopardised, their health can be compromised, their minds and bodies can be bombarded by various forms of radiation and pulses to disadvantage or silence them. The governments can conspire against their targets with various nations, companies and organisations. These can include communications organisations, utility providers, postal services, medical providers, and, most certainly, through the Internet. The Internet is a web of corruption. On the Internet, people are paid to lie, spy, harass, intimidate and harm. It is infested with corruption.

The source of all the corruption is the corruption of the Conspirators' minds, which filters all the way through this realm. The process of solving the problem of corruption is also through the mind, which is in progress.

The catharsis from this corrupted world is not found in death, as some philosophers maintain. Death only recycles the process of life in this corrupted realm. The only meaningful protest one can have in this corrupted world is to look forward to the day of liberation from this corrupted world. This day is not as far away as one might believe. However, this will not be through an end of the world scenario, for such an event would only recycle the corruption of the realm.

The solution is the end of corruption the end of suffering the end of death.