The American government's plans to frame Edward Snowden are so charged with bitter, conniving hatred that the stench permeates the southern hemisphere, crossing the Pacific Ocean, all the way down to Australia.

The frame-up has been building since June, 2013, when Snowden identified himself as a whistle-blower, and publicly warned the world that every person was being targeted by the Five Eyes' intrusive, all-encompassing spying network. Many have known for years about governments spying on everyone. What Snowden did has irrefutably provided absolute proof of a vast conspiracy involving many governments worldwide to deprive everyone of any privacy whatsoever.

All of the Five Eye members – the UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand – and their other nation partners were secretly conspiring to strip everyone in the world of any privacy. They were doing it “legally” by passing laws and defending the rule of law. Their conspiracy is atrociously unethical, and cannot be respected, even though governments have passed laws to make it “legal” to justify their behaviour and protect themselves from criminal prosecution. Underlying what so many world governments were secretly doing is a scary conspiracy against humanity. Those involved are the real traitors of the human race. Yet, they dare to attempt to brand a whistle-blower like Edward Snowden with such a scurrilous and unfair label.

To put things into perspective, drug dealers are very upset with civilians who dare to dob them in. The operators of Ponzi schemes hate those who expose their actions. Violent gangsters take revenge on those who dare to testify against them. These murderous liars protect and defend their dark conspiracies and criminal activities to the bitter end. These are despicable outlaws, generally despised by the public. They do not have the rule of law to protect them.

The Five Eyes have been caught violating every premise of decency. To defend themselves and their indefensible actions, they have changed, and are changing, the laws so they can behave just like gangsters and thugs under the mask of the rule of law. The laws are being corrupted in the name of national and international security and the good of the people to protect these gangster nations from being criminal nations. The latter write their own laws so they cannot be tried in domestic courts or the international courts that they create. These laws are self serving.

American politicians are actively stirring to attempt to sway the American people against Snowden. They are using their pulpits and puppets to blast out a case in the Capitol and through the conventional media. Warmongers especially are furious with Russia and China, because these countries blocked them from “legally” invading Syria with a United Nations Security Council Resolution. First, they began the propaganda against both Russia and China, attempting to renew the Cold War and to taint the American mindset against both of these countries. They have employed various means against both nations, and, not surprisingly, they are now seeking the aid of their Five Eyes governments to apply more pressure on China and Russia. If they follow their usual bullying pattern, a likely development will be for them to seek economic and political sanctions against both nations.

It should be remembered that Snowden flew from Hawaii to Hong Kong, China, and then to Moscow, Russia, where he lives today. Now, Five Eyes politicians are accusing Snowden of being a Russian spy! How incredibly convenient! This serves as a warning and a threat from the perpetrators to any who dare to assist whistle-blowers. The ruling elite want whistle-blowers to be fugitives with nowhere to turn. Regardless of what Julian Assange's motives are for seeking asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, one has to wonder what the real motive is behind the Five Eyes' UK government being so intent on denying him passage out of the country. Nobody should be surprised if and when Assange is accused of being a spy for Ecuador.

Prominent American lawmakers are openly referring to Snowden as a traitor, and now some are calling him a Russian spy. The stench of this move is filthy, but not surprising. However, those involved in this dirty smear campaign are endangering themselves and their country. Staunch defender of the Five Eyes spying on everyone, octogenarian Senator Dianne Feinstein, should have learned compassion and acquired wisdom not to be so heartless and foolish. However, Feinstein is now leading the charge in the media against Snowden, accusing him of being a Russian spy and a traitor. Feinstein must be aware that her accusations are endangering Snowden's life. There are already many reports of death threats against Snowden by high-ranking American government officials. She knows full well that members of the government want to assassinate Snowden, and that America has an open policy of committing extra-judicial assassinations.

Imagine how Feinstein would feel if powerful people began falsely accusing her of being an Israeli spy and a traitor to the United States. How uncomfortable would she feel in a jail in San Francisco as she faced those charges, given how much corruption has crept into the American courts. Her zealous stand for gun control could easily be construed as hatred for the United States Constitution and the people's right to possess and bear arms contained in the Second Amendment. She could then be accused of receiving bribes to traitorously disarm the American people and rob them of their freedom and liberty. It would not be a far stretch for an overzealous prosecutor to link her to plots and conspiracies in staging “lone gunman” mass murders to further her cause of disarming the people, rendering them defenceless against an unconstitutional government. Thus, a bogus case could be invented to add to the charges against her. She could even be coerced into admitting to a lesser crime to save her life, to gain freedom from the corrupted system that she has actively been assisting in building.

Another highly vocal accuser of Snowden being a Russian spy, who is also a staunch defender of the Five Eyes spying network, is Congressman Mike Rogers of Michigan. It could be argued that his reported installation of a hidden spy camera in his congressional office's women's toilet is a gross violation of the basic right to safety and protection in the workplace, as well as at a personal, human level, and that its surreptitious placement was to satisfy the congressman's personal perversion and sexual gratification, regardless of what other justifications might be used to defend its presence. Imagine a case being built against him for secretly watching women undressing and changing tampons in the toilet. How would he like to face accusations of being a voyeur and a pervert after he was locked up in jail?

Feinstein and Rogers are doing far worse to Edward Snowden than what appears in the above hypothetical scenarios, because their irresponsible gossip is actually endangering his life. Worse still, they could be consciously doing it. It is nothing new for people to contrive false charges, evidence and witnesses against their targets. This is how the world runs.

Under the world's current state of barbarism, even brutal butchers can be hailed and resurrected as heroes and people of peace at their memorials. Conversely, sincere people trying to do the right thing are often smeared and ruined by the ruling elite.

The cowards are quick to accuse under their corrupted “rule of law” whilst hiding under the protection of their bosses. Edward Snowden showed his face to add credibility to his service to the world. He knew he was vulnerable to the corrupted “rule of law” and the Five Eyes conspirators, yet he bravely did the right thing.

It would have been more credible if Feinstein and Rogers had accused Snowden of spying for extraterrestrials!