Overt militarism, with its wars and invasions, has become prevalent in the twenty-first century. The military operations go beyond what the public knows and sees. Social media networks have become habitual, which has addicted many users. Social networks facilitate spying and eavesdropping, and are an integral part of covert military operations. Many users of the Internet do not understand that it is a battlefield which was developed at the behest of the ruling elite. While it is a very useful tool, it is also a powerful weapon used to breach everyone's privacy and safety.

There is supposed anonymity on the Internet, but, big brother watches everything. Spy agencies have been changing their names to hide their identities and purposes to further deceive the public. The Internet is very much like a military base, which is why freedoms on it are limited. Things posted on the Internet can be used against individuals, organisations, nations and alliances. Twitter, Facebook and other social media look harmless and are useful, but, there are those who use them against the users and others. Mass distribution sites such as YouTube and others are battlegrounds also. Abuse of Internet users can be as overt as bullying, but it can be very subtle as well. When using the Internet, it is important for users to realise they are entering a military zone.

Whenever there is membership to an organisation, there will be infiltration. Both formal and informal groups are subject to infiltration. The infiltrators can be low-level troublemakers, or they can be operating on high-level orders from spy agencies, military organisations, governments or private enterprises. Many people are paid wages just to harass others on Internet bulletin boards. Therefore, many comments on the Internet are often posted by infiltrators.

Recently, in my locale, an aerial mini-tower was erected on a private property for spying and other purposes. It is very much a military project. Readings taken near the antenna show that it is emitting high levels of electronic noise. This aerial is emitting harmful waves that affect humans, animals, plants and even minerals adversely. This is just one of many secret programmes and experiments being conducted by military and paramilitary personnel. The newly-erected tower is directed at a large group of beings, and mainly affects the southern Stanthorpe area, including suburbs such as Glen Aplin and Ballandean. The Red Jumper should be alert to this invasion and other infiltration.

The Nazi-NATO regime-change programme is moving towards Asia, intending to destabilise China. Russia and China are blocking the path of certain blank faces' world agendas. This puts both nations right in the firing line.

Australia will play a more important role in world affairs once the military mind of the Red Dragon completely vacates the United States. When this happens, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and their underlings will be emboldened. Could Turkey be attempting to revive the glory of Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent? Many eyes will focus against the USA. Friends can quickly turn into foes.

The disappearance of flight MH 370, and the subsequent performance portraying search and recovery attempts, are, indeed, all part of a military operation aimed at unsuspecting civilians and governments. Navies are heavily involved in many nefarious, secret assignments around the world. The Port Arthur Massacre was one such incident. Submarines are perfect launching pads for covert operations, and are excellent hiding places for holding prisoners of all types.

Beneath the sea there exists a unique world, with dry land below all of the oceans and seas. Do oceanographers and geologists ever consider what colonies of life exist under the ocean floors?

Certain military personnel are treating humans as lab rats. They have no regard for human lives, let alone those of animals. They poison and destroy cities, forests, plains, mountains, streams, rivers, lakes, seas, oceans and the atmosphere. The toxins they are infesting the Earth with affect the minds and bodies of all living things. The perpetrators foolishly think they have immunity from their experimental activities. They, too, will become victims of the desperate world they are systematically destroying.

Lies and secrets are foundational tools used by the ruling elite and their agents. Everyone and everything is quick to attempt to hide behind some legitimate sounding excuse of confidentiality. Police, lawyers, doctors, priests, journalists and others use the excuse of confidentiality to hide what might be best for the world to know. We have all heard of tremendous abuses and injustices committed under the cloak of confidentiality. Governments have taken the golden words of “secrecy, confidentiality and national security” to such extremes that they instigate, implement and maintain many vile operations, which they protect from scrutiny by labelling them as confidential. People who dare to expose government abuses of trust do so at grave risk.

Talk while you can. Walk while you can. Time is of the essence before the dark waves engulf everything.