The world is ruled by a deceptively ambitious force. It calls for peace, democracy and freedom, but promotes despotism, injustice and war. This force is dangerous and hypocritical; its secretive chief agents are variously referred to as the ruling elite. Many people think that Bill Gates, Queen Elizabeth II, the Saudi Arabian ruler, George Soros and other rich and powerful figures are members of this select group. However, whilst some of these are agents of the ruling elite, none of them are members of the real ruling elite. It is doubtful that any of the agents of the ruling elite know who the real ruling elite are.

The West is under the influence and control of the hidden ruling elite, even though the leaders of the West are ignorant of who their masters are. The members of the pro-Western international community are overshadowed by the ruling elite. Many of the member nations are pressured to go along with the dictates of their unseen masters.

The despicably horrendous situation in Egypt shows how much the Western nations are manipulated and controlled by the vile ruling elite. For decades, the West supported the Mubarak dictatorship even though it was anti-democratic and oppressive. The people rose up and surprised the West with unprecedented protests in the streets, and eventually forced the government out of office, thereafter electing a government to democratically represent them. Unfortunately, the euphoria was short-lived. The West, taking its dictates from the ruling elite, began working to overthrow the people's will in Egypt. Within months, the West backed a military coup in Egypt, and, shortly after, the party of the previously elected government was outlawed, and its members and supporters rounded up and jailed.

The military dictatorship in Egypt has the cooperation of the civilian judiciary, which has been holding mass trials that make a total mockery of justice. In one trial that lasted only a few days, over 500 people were sentenced to death. This week, another 683 defendants were convicted by a civil court in Egypt and sentenced to death. The last mass trial was over the death of a single police officer who was in the middle of a protest. There was not enough time allowed for each defendant to even be brought into court and hear the nature of the charges, much less present evidence against them. The trials are shockingly inhuman. The Egyptian government put on the trials for show; the government is behaving like a barbaric lynch mob, yet the West praises and supports the Egyptian tyrants. The West is too frightened of its cruel masters (the ruling elite) to help free the people of Egypt. Ironically, the Jewish people can better understand the situation than most outsiders. Even the oppressive Israeli government would not be so cruel and despotic.

The American Secretary of State, John Kerry, casually dismissed the judicial travesties and the absolute tyranny in Egypt as hiccups of a democracy in progress. This is an obvious case of the ruling elite feeding one of its agents with hypocritical drivel to support despotism. Where is the international outcry? Where are the human rights advocates? Fortunately, my Senator from Vermont, Patrick Leahy, has attempted to block the Obama administration from giving any more military aid to Egypt. Leahy has denounced the latest Egyptian mass judicial proceeding as a “sham trial”.

To put the human tragedy in Egypt into perspective, consider this analogous scenario: the American military overthrows the sitting government in America and takes power with the full cooperation of the judiciary. The coup government then makes the Democrat and Republican parties illegal, arrests and jails the President, Vice-President, all of his cabinet, every member of Congress, and all the governors of the several states and their lieutenant governors, holds a mass trial of all of them over the course of a few days, and convicts every one of them and sentences them all to death. In this scenario, there would still be fewer than 683 defendants persecuted.

It can be said that such a travesty of justice could never happen in the United States . . . yet . . . This is because there are still some journalists, military personnel, law enforcement officers, and citizens who would not stand for such horrific despotism and cruelty. However, the overwhelming majority of those in American government are supporting tyranny in Egypt. When the few remaining voices of those who sincerely support the Constitution are removed or silenced, the scenario will no longer be hypothetical speculation – it will be at America's doorstep.