The land of Egypt is one of the oldest surviving cultures that was essentially built on blood and sacrifice. It is a land of tears, immense human suffering, treachery, slavery and exploitation. Amidst all the hardship there was the ruling class, living in the splendour of their own dreams. The off-world tyrants forced humans to build water systems and other things requiring huge feats of engineering. Amongst these projects were giant stone monuments to enshrine the Pharaohs, of which the great pyramids are surviving examples.

The designers of the pyramids created a power source that they did not fully comprehend, and which remains a secret today. Many have speculated on the purpose and power of the pyramids, but the main reason behind their existence remains unknown to earthlings. It is just as well, because the knowledge of their true power, in the wrong hands, would lead to unimaginable horror on the planet. Even though the structures appear harmless and wondrous, if activated, they can transform into very destructive weapons.

On a much smaller scale than the pyramids is the hidden danger of some of today's inventions. Few could suspect that supposedly ecologically friendly items, such as wind turbines and solar panels, could be used for nefarious purposes when combined with other factors on a grand scale. A few of these turbines and panels located together are relatively insignificant in themselves, affecting only regions in their immediate vicinity. However, as their density increases and they begin to crowd the world, they can unleash a very destructive power when combined with the output of the Ka-Loo-Nic device, as previously revealed.

In modern Egypt, the people finally threw off the tyrannical autocratic shackles of millennia past by democratically electing a government. After only a short period, the democratically-elected sitting government, under President Morsi, was ousted in a coup, and many of the Morsi supporters were imprisoned. Most recently, the court held a mass trial over only two days, and swiftly convicted and sentenced 529 of these people to death. How can the world stand for this barbaric injustice?

Nazi-NATO disdained the Morsi government, so it instigated the coup to oust it. Nazi-NATO wants to control Egypt in its own way, to fit its own agenda. Morsi's government was resistant to Nazi-NATO. Rather than bomb Egypt into oblivion, as it did Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya and other countries, it used the “coup weapon,” which is a more economical and less obvious intrusion than mass bombing under the name of humanitarianism. The “coup weapon” was again unleashed in Kiev, when Nazi-NATO ousted the democratically-elected sitting government to sweep its puppets into power. Nazi-NATO was shocked that its “coup weapon” was not fully effective in the Ukraine, because the Crimean people saw through the plot and extricated themselves from the nation. Lies and propaganda continue to blast through the media, deceiving most of those who reside within the Nazi-NATO “dome” of influence. The fascists active in the Ukraine are being downplayed by the West, as they see them as a necessary evil to accomplish their greater wickedness – ousting the democratically-elected sitting government and replacing it with a puppet. What has happened in the Ukraine would be akin to sponsoring a coup to overthrow the democratically-elected sitting government in the United States using the forces of the Ku Klux Klan, and bribing them with posts in the new government. Placing the likes of the KKK in power assures that the new government is brimming with bigotry and hatred.

Right now, there are imprisoned journalists in Egypt who face fabricated charges against them. Nobody, not even the Nazi-NATO allies, could believe that these journalists will receive a fair trial in Egypt. Unlike other countries, Egypt will incur an ancient wrath, which is awakening. The more evil the Egyptian rulers commit, the quicker and deadlier will the vapour arise. Even the innocent Egyptian people will bear the wrath for what their leaders are doing. Egypt should immediately release the journalists it is trying to frame.

Nazi-NATO and its allies utilise several effective tools to accomplish wicked goals. The “coup weapon,” usually instigated by supposedly peaceful protesters, is one of the latest. The “war on terrorism” is an internationally effective tool built on blood and sacrifices, made more effective after the bombing of the Twin Towers in New York on September 11, 2001. Another effective tool, which has been adopted by Nazi-NATO, is the “lone gunman” scenario, which frames or entraps an individual as the scapegoat. The “lone gunman” script was made famous when American President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. It was later used in killing Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. and many others since. The “lone gunman” script has been modified to achieve multiple killings, such as in Port Arthur, Australia, and many other places.

Following “lone gunman” incidents, memorial services spring up everywhere. The minds of many people are so affected that they spontaneously respond emotionally to such events, which also include terrorist victim memorials and sundry traumatic deaths. Strangers are impressed to congregate and participate in the memorials of people with which they have no connection. They appear to have been touched by something, but many of the participants cannot explain why they are there. They just feel that they have to participate. In reality, they are affected by mind and emotional manipulation coming from a source, through inaudible sounds and forms of invisible bombardment that affect their minds and emotions. This is sophisticated mind and emotional mass influence and control.

Many of the “lone gunman” events take a lot of planning and plotting that is way beyond the capabilities of the supposed individual perpetrators. The latest version of the “lone gunman” script is the push for the “lone pilot” script that could be adopted as the explanation for the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH 370. There is no way a lone pilot could surreptitiously carry out the whole plot without a noise coming from the plane, its passengers and its crew. Flight MH 370 is a huge performance, involving international actors, directors and sponsors. The ruling elite's media will try to force-feed everyone with whatever stories it is instructed to present.

The ill-fated flight MH 370 had already landed and been re-routed before the massive search began. The curtain has closed with the announcement of possible wreckage from the plane being conveniently located in one of the most inaccessible and isolated areas of the whole world. Thus, the flight landed in one place and has been made to appear to crash in another. The criminal aspect of the operation is massive, and involves many countries. The unsuspecting people are innocently responding to the tragic crime, believing it was a plane crash. The lies, scheming, testing and experimenting being carried out on an unsuspecting public is the latest horror being played out on the people of the world.

What is so frightening about the “lone pilot” script is that the mostly unsuspecting media will present the lie in such a way that the people of the world will overwhelmingly accept the lie as truth. This has already happened in “lone gunman” incidents that could not have possibly been conducted by the persons who were framed for the acts, such as the Port Arthur killings.

Egypt was built on blood. Now, the whole world is being sucked in to the cycle of blood and sacrifice. Is the blood an offering to some sick, perverted deity? Humans have to look within. They have strayed too far from the Divine.