The new year will bring forth many events, some of which were planned years ago. People's lives will be affected by their own governments and the alliances with which their governments are involved. Governments will be run by the power of a few whose actions will be influenced or directed by the blank faces.

North and South Korea, who have been at loggerheads for decades, could form an alliance in the near future. The Western plan of divide and conquer is being challenged. The plan from an opposing force is for re-unification of the country. The battle for control of the Korean peninsula is being fought by two major alien forces, which are main players influencing the planet. If the challenger is victorious, the resulting united Korea will become a much bigger player than would appear on the surface. The process has begun. The force backing the Western side will not relinquish its segregation of the nation without a fight, but the alien force behind the West is waning. As usual, both sides will employ lies, deception and propaganda in their battles.

There are several areas that will be contested in the near future, if the balance of alien power shifts. Ireland will also be affected as the divide-and-conquer strategy employed against it is challenged. Whilst Ireland and Korea primarily involve two major alien forces vying for control, the United States involves three different alien forces. Therefore, the conflicts about to alter the American political, social and economic landscapes will be more fiercely complicated.

The horrific “lone gunman” shooting spree in Connecticut is more than what it appears to be. The push for gun control is not totally co-incidental to the event. The whole State of Connecticut has been so intensely bombarded by certain wave forms in the past few years that it is unbearable to even drive through at times. In all of New England, Connecticut and Rhode Island are receiving the most intense invisible bombardments. Yet, their residents seem to be oblivious to the onslaught. This nature of bombardment is occurring in various regions around the world.

The Second Amendment, expressly granting people the right to bear arms, was written into the American Constitution to protect citizens from tyrants, both foreign and domestic. Had the American colonists given in to George III's demand for them to surrender their guns, there would never have been a successful revolution, and the United States would most probably still be under British rule. Had British imperialism not been partially halted by the American colonists in the eighteenth century, England would have conquered more than just the quarter of the world that it has. The aliens behind British imperialism have weakened substantially over the years, as has the British Empire, even though they are relentlessly trying to revive its glory.

It is worth noting that after George III was overthrown and a new government installed, the right to bear arms was inserted into the Bill of Rights. The American people were distrustful of governments in general, including their newly formed government. They wanted assurances that they could defend themselves should a totalitarian government take control of the nation. In other words, the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution was put in to ensure that the American people could not be easily overpowered by their own government. Ironically, the present American government is potentially in a similar position as that of the British monarch, George III, in 1776. The American nation was founded upon the concept of having the absolute right to overthrow any foreign or domestic dictator. The right to bear arms is the surety of such liberty.

There are many now loudly proclaiming that there should be serious restrictions on people's right to bear arms. These anti-gun advocates are trying desperately to get around the Second Amendment. Whether they are unwittingly or knowingly taking the almost certain path towards despotism, they are trying to evade the law, that is, the Constitution. The ones on the top must know that the lawful way to restrict the right to bear arms is to repeal the Second Amendment. If Americans truly want to repeal their own Second Amendment they might as well repeal the entire Bill of Rights and relinquish all their liberties in one go. This is what the British monarchs have wanted Americans to relinquish since its inception in 1791.

In the last few years, the people of the world have been indoctrinated to despise certain dictators. One should ask how so many dictators could come to power. The crucial reason for this is that since most governments hold monopolies on weapons, their people are at the mercy of their governments. It is easy to see how those who control the police and military forces can overpower their citizens. The ones in power are well aware that the ones who hold the weapons hold the power. The bigger the gun, the bigger the power. This goes all the way up to international politics. Those who already hold weapons of mass destruction want to keep that elite club small, and will oppose newcomers from acquiring similar weapons. Imperialism will continue as long as those with weapons can bully those without them.

In America, protests, civil disobedience, riots, and even succession movements will erupt from the gun ownership debate and other social and economic issues. The country is in danger of playing into the hands of a force that is instigating civil war in the United States. With the recent consciousness replacements in New York City and surrounding areas, such a move is now conceivable. Infighting is a preliminary step in nation breaking; it weakens the country for easier conquest. There are alien groups planning to dismantle the nation of America.

The issue of gun ownership in America will divide the people and the forces in unexpected ways. The international community has already been directed to try to help America present the case for banning or restricting gun ownership. Australia is bragging that it solved its gun shootings by severely restricting gun ownership after the Port Arthur “lone gunman” massacre in Tasmania. However, shooting incidents in Australia are on the increase, because outlaws are armed, and they know the civilians are helpless. The reports of brazen criminal attacks on businesses and citizens are rising. Australians of all ages, especially women and the elderly, are being preyed upon on the streets and in their homes, even in broad daylight. Clearly, the Australian authorities have failed to protect their citizens from criminal attacks, and the citizens are vulnerable. Instead of admitting it was an error to disarm the population, the government is talking about increasing restrictions on gun ownership. This will not solve the problem; the criminals will always be supplied with guns.

Whilst some aliens are busy trying to “change” America, there are also forces trying to infiltrate China to destabilise its power. Russia is facing the same threat, but it is better prepared than other countries. Heads of state are continually being bombarded with unseen attacks on them, often in the form of radiation and waveforms. Surreptitiously, aliens will fight with other aliens, in addition to attacking humans and aliens occupying human bodies. This is already going on. As the alien conflicts escalate, things will get more and more unbearable.

Those who shrug and declare that they live in the real world accept everything that happens in the world as natural and necessary. They cannot conceive of a world devoid of bloodshed and wars because aliens have indoctrinated humans with the warring concept, which has been played out throughout history. Humans who want peace are treated as dreamers. If that be the case, why would anyone ever discuss peace if they believe it to be a fantasy from an unreal world? If people continue to accept war as natural and necessary, wars will always thrive. After all, wars are lucrative operations in this “real” world! Wars are really officially organised assaults, murders and armed robberies. While the law justifies them, they cannot be justified. As long as there are wars, people should be able to defend themselves. This includes individuals. They should have the right to arm themselves against organised and individual criminal intruders, whether they be official governmental criminals or enterprising pirates.

Personally, I do not like guns, but in the so-called real world, they are the most effective deterrent to marauders and oppressive governments. Until governments and alliances of governments stop bullying and plundering, there will always be war and crime in the world. Peace starts at the top, not at the bottom. There are many world leaders who ordered the killings of defenceless children. They are the biggest criminals of all, yet they get off scot-free. Do these leaders ever shed tears for those innocent children that they have ordered to be murdered? Who is really responsible for the “lone gunman” killings in Connecticut? Who could benefit from such horrific events? Why do law enforcement officials jump to the conclusion so quickly that “lone gunmen” conceive, organise, plan and carry out these types of mass murders? It is really incredible to think one single person could commit these crimes. One also must consider whether the “lone gunmen” are like drones, being manipulated by controllers from remote computer screens.

Realistically speaking, it is impossible for the police to protect all citizens at all times. When people's minds are constantly influenced by graphic images of killings, wars and carnage in movies, video games, television, the media, the Internet and other sources, it is not surprising that certain ones begin acting out such horrible events in their lives. Since police cannot protect all the citizens at all times, it is reasonable that the citizens should be allowed to arm themselves for self defence. Criminal intruders are less likely to prey on victims that can fight back. This is human nature.