Recently, a healthy 18 month old giraffe named Marius was publicly executed, skinned, dismembered, and fed to lions, tigers and leopards. Amongst the audience were impressionable 6 and 7 year old children, who were brought to the kill site as part of their ongoing educational programmes. To the brutal killers who carried out the public execution at, and on behalf of, the Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark, it was no big deal. They think it is their right because they claim that it is normal in Danish culture to do such things. To the parents of the children in attendance, they too, are responsible for approving of such a horrible field trip for their children.

Cruelty to animals is plain cruelty, regardless of whether it is done secretly or openly, but, to inculcate upon children that such cruelty is normal, acceptable behaviour shows that society supports cruelty and abuse of children. People are so worried about psychological effects from trauma witnessed or experienced by children, yet, Danes seem to think that this horrifically barbaric act was educational for their young children. Fortunately, this heinous act is not supported by all Danes; there are still many good ones with a moral conscience. Those in charge are responsible for this putrid act. This is reminiscent of barbaric times, when even kings had their heads lopped off and publicly displayed. Humanity is falling apart!

What is so dangerous about what happened in Copenhagen is that once such horrendously cruel behaviour is acceptable to society, it is very easy to cross the line from publicly killing animals to having open executions of humans; that is, public execution, skinning, dismembering, and feeding of people to lions and cannibals. This cruelty can also be defended as part of culture or law, if such lines of thinking are followed through.

The reasoning behind the brutal killing of Marius is supposedly because his genes were dangerous to the species due to inbreeding. Why could they not sterilise Marius? Why could they not relocate him? Why was he terminated so cruelly? Why did they affirm to the child observers that such cruelty is acceptable in Denmark?

Clearly, the inbreeding cover story falls apart under the slightest bit of circumspection. So, the most urgent questions are: Why did they do this? What is the long term agenda behind it all? Were any of the planners or participants aware of the hidden blank-face agenda behind it?

It was not that many decades ago that the political powers in Germany oversaw the culling of Jewish people. The victims were treated like animals, and slaughtered like them, too. One of the officially stated purposes behind the culling of Jews was to fulfil the dream of a pure Aryan race. In Nazi Germany, Jews were seen as flies, worms and pests. This is not to say that only Jews have been subjected to holocausts; these have been carried out throughout history around the world. Imperial Japan saw Koreans and Chinese as flies to be swatted. The indigenous people of North and South America, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere have been exterminated by the lawful political governments. As long as the killers write the laws, they can legalise slavery, rape, murder, genocide and paedophilia, amongst other things. All of these acts can be protected under the rule of law, rule of culture, and rule of religious beliefs. While these things may be made legal, they are still abhorrent.

There is nothing humane about the law per se. Kings, queens, political rulers and religious leaders can make laws that forbid criticism of them. These dictatorial laws are now being enforced in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. This is how the world is developing. Humanity is falling apart!

It was not too long ago that deposed leaders were executed to give realms a new start. The new democracy, whereby elected leaders are forced out of power by subversive protesters sponsored by outsiders, is here. The protesters do not honour elections or support peaceful transitions of government via elections. Many of the leaders who are victims to mob rule by the protesters and their sponsors are incarcerated or murdered after they are deposed. This is degenerating to the bloody days of the French Revolution. Human beings treating other humans so cruelly is demonic. Humanity is falling apart!

Selective culling of humans and animals has already started, albeit somewhat quietly. Those who know and remain silent are supporting the murderers. It is developing into specific culling, that could see gene pools culled because of inbreeding, not unlike the lame argument used to justify executing Marius. They could begin culling disabled people, people of colour, tall people, fat people, or intelligent people. Once the culling openly begins, there will be no stopping it.

It is no co-incidence that so many of the very rapid and dramatic changes in our societies have their debut in Denmark. This is fertile ground, specifically chosen and prepared by the blank faces. The ruling elite have put many things into motion in Denmark. The whole purpose is to germinate the ideas in Denmark and export them; few would suspect many of the ideas were cultivated in Denmark.

In 2008, certain things were set into motion to countermand the blank faces' power base in Copenhagen. Copenhagen, Copenhagen, what you send out, will come back to you. This is not karma; this is more like the Newtonian law of physics governing action and reaction.

Seriously, if humans do not stand up against inhumanity, who will fight for them? Humans are on the culling list!