The suffering and destruction humans have inflicted on one another courses through history like a river of blood and tears. Race after race has been decimated by those who were able to do so. In recent centuries, indigenous people around the world have been forced to conform to the ways of the conquerors. Those who resist have been severely punished and abused. Injustice and abuse continue today under different guises.

The Four Ways that originated in the lands of the Semites have caused endless misunderstandings and conflicts, even to this day. Conquered indigenous people fill the lowest rung of the penal system; they are a despised class of people, often looked upon as sub-human. For instance, Australian Aborigines who do not conform to their conquerors' ways are shoved from their fertile lands onto harsh lands, and forced to live in squalid quarters. Many exist in conditions worse than those of third-world countries, and they are not even acknowledged to be people in the Australian Constitution. Australian Aborigines are forced onto what amount to reservations, but the conditions are far worse than those found in most parts of North America.

The Australian government incarcerates Aborigines at an atrocious rate. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Black Aboriginal Australians are among the most imprisoned people on Earth. Perjured testimonies are often used to convict individuals or bring about new anti-Aboriginal legislation, which is often couched in terms purporting to assist the indigenous people. In the past, bounty hunters were paid for killing Aborigines and submitting the ears of their victims to the authorities. Children were ripped from their families and adopted out, often to be used for sex or slavery; these children have come to be known as the “stolen generation”. But, despite an apology in 2008 by the then Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, for the stolen generation and this horrific past, the same thing is happening again as the current Australian government creates a new stolen generation. Again, false claims have been used to justify destroying Aboriginal families and communities. The authorities deceptively claim that paedophilia is rampant in Aboriginal communities, so newborn babies are taken from mothers to be raised elsewhere based on false claims.

There is ongoing genocide in Australia. The Aboriginal culture has been decimated, and the people are being cut off at their roots. Propaganda is everywhere, and it has been so effective that most Australians accept the official nonsense that Aborigines are lazy, stupid and useless. It is appalling that the government is allowed to put forth such lies. As bad as the situation already is for Aborigines, the current Attorney General is proposing that the anti-discrimination laws be changed so that the indigenous people can be more verbally abused than they currently are. The indigenous issue aside, if this legislation goes through, all other non-white racial groups will be subjected to even more racial abuse on the streets. This is a precursor to a renewal of the former White Australia policy, which was obvious apartheid.

When Aborigines are killed in prison, it seems that nobody cares. They have been brutally killed while incarcerated, and the killings are often explained away as suicides, when the evidence clearly points to police brutality. Aboriginal lives are not valued the same as that of other Australians. With due respect to the victims and families of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 17, which was shot down in Ukraine, if all of the Australians on board that aircraft had been Aborigines, it is most unlikely that the Australian government would be involved in the international search effort.

The Israeli government abuses its Palestinian population even worse than Australia mistreats its indigenous population. The indigenous people of Israel are the Palestinians. The Gaza Strip is a prison, blockaded by the Israeli armed forces. Nobody has free passage in or out of Gaza. The Palestinians are denied the right to survive economically, socially, culturally, politically, or in any other way. They are subjected to tyranny by the Israeli government, which has become a Grim Monster. The crude weapons of Hamas are no match for the high-tech weapons the United States supplies Israel with to kill Palestinian civilians. The Israelis are aiming at women and children in Gaza. What is going on in Gaza is the cutting of the roots of the people – it is genocide!

Where is the condemnation of the Israeli pogrom in Gaza from America and Australia? How can the Australian and American governments claim to stand for human rights? Australia is conducting ongoing apartheid and genocide of the Aboriginal people. America is conducting similar programmes with its Native Americans. No wonder both countries are fully supporting the pogrom in Gaza being conducted by the Israeli government.

The Greens Senator from South Australia, Sarah Hanson-Young, hypocritically rants at the Australian government for human rights violations of refugees (most of whom are living in better conditions in Australian detention centres than they were in the places they left behind), yet she is effectively mute regarding the horrendous human rights violations against the Aborigines and Torres Straight Islanders. Senator Hanson-Young claims to be passionate about human rights, yet she is absolutely silent regarding the Israeli genocide of the Palestinians, especially in Gaza.

How convenient that the shooting down of MH 17 and the Glasgow Commonwealth Games provide cover and distraction for the Kiev and Israeli governments to carry out their respective genocide programmes! The US government has lost its credibility for fully supporting glaring genocide of Palestinians. The EU, NATO and the UN are also in danger of losing all credibility and respect by condoning the Israeli pogrom in Gaza. According to the styles and policies of the United Nations and NATO, should they not both be demanding and resolving to force a regime change in Israel?

It is already too late for Israel and America to show any change of heart. The line in the sand is drawn. Both nations had many chances, both have failed, and now, both are crumbling. The US has inadvertently clipped the wings of the Red Dragon. It remains to be seen whether the Red Dragon will be able to nest comfortably in Australia, as it planned. Things are changing very fast. The air and the sky can tell many things to those who know how to read them.