There is a distinct force driving human events resulting in radical fluidity. This brings about rapid and often abrupt evolutionary changes to societies. Religious, political and cultural upheavals are creating worldwide chaos.

Before the current state of chaos, there were people who inexplicably believed in a dichotomy of good and bad forms of governance. Some thought that the good ones included monarchy, rule by aristocracy and polity (a mixture of rule by the rich and powerful and the poor). At the other end of the spectrum were tyranny, oligarchy and radical democracy (universal suffrage along with the right of all to hold office).

Today, good and bad governance is found in all types of political states. Therefore, it is ridiculous to label them as being absolutely good or bad. As George Orwell poignantly depicted in Animal Farm – “four legs good, two legs bad” is bigoted and absurd. It can be said that good governance can be derived from nearly any type of political state, whether run by pigs or people.

Tyrannical politics often abuses the name of God by claiming a manifest destiny. Once a leader exploits the name of God for political advancement, it spells the end of good governance. When a political leader, party or state adopts a platform of the “God-given right” to expand, kill, plunder and conquer, it means devastation to the vanquished.

Whole populations can be mobilised under the charge of a manifest destiny. On the other hand, secular charges can be effectively launched against those claiming a manifest destiny. Whether the groups are driven by religious drums or secular slogans, bloodthirsty warmongers are the real dictators and tyrants. Warmongers who think that they have the democratic or the “God-given right” to force a change of governance or change of regime in another country are responsible for much of the worldwide chaos and human suffering. The mobilisation of refugees is but one aspect of the irregular warfare being waged by modern warmongers.

The nation of Syria has an elected president. Whether he is a tyrant or not, the people have chosen him to lead the country. It is not up to foreign warmongers to invade the country or dictate a regime change because the current leader is unsuitable for their agendas. The warmongers and tyrants in the West and the Middle East are responsible for the destruction, suffering and exodus of the Syrian people. As Syrian refugees flood into European countries, the latter are experiencing a taste of the chaos their foreign wars are causing. The West and its Middle East allies have already overthrown and killed the leaders of Iraq and Libya. In the process, the allies have devastated the countries and their people.

Syria is a sovereign country. It has the right to protect itself and its citizens. It has been invaded by Middle Eastern and Western forces. If the Assad regime is overthrown by foreign powers, the Syrian people will lose their national identity. The only way for the Syrian people to save their national identity and dignity is to choose who they want to lead them, whether it be President Assad or someone else. Both the Western and Middle Eastern thugs want to topple Syria to turn it into a chaotic political state like Libya and Iraq. A word of caution – it should be remembered that the situation regarding Syria is very different to that of Libya and Iraq. Superficially, the situations may appear similar, but they are not. It is not up to foreign dictators to demand who they want to lead another country; that is the right of the people of that country and that country alone.

The worldwide chaos will continue in different ways. Leaders can be changed by parliamentary means or forceful coups. However, some world leaders have been replaced discreetly by other means. Believe it or not, there are clones running certain countries without the slightest suspicion cast upon them. Recently, the departure of the consciousness of a well-known world figure coincided with the arrival of another consciousness, which is now running the body with nobody suspecting. When a body has a change of consciousness, it will often bring about renewed vitality and longevity.

People around the world are changing. Their hearts and minds are changing too. The land and seas are changing. The flora and fauna are changing. Many of the changes have been abrupt. These changes are fuelling flawed beliefs such as “four legs good, two legs bad”, and are exacerbating the worldwide political chaos.

The road to Damascus will lead to many places . . .