The world is becoming more unstable, unpredictable, uncertain and unsafe despite all so-called humanistic advancement. Some people are beginning to think that they are godlike as they deny the existence of a deity. They arrogantly believe that they have the power and intelligence to create their own world and control their existence. They believe that they are the masters of their own destinies. Alas, they are not that unlike the swine in George Orwell's Animal Farm, who despised humans before copying them by walking on two legs and taking over their role.

Believe it or not, our world is controlled by a covey of blank faces. Human beings are their victims, their slaves, their prisoners, their pawns as they pursue planetary conquest. Empires rise and fall, with those involved with the empire often being afflicted with arrogance just by association. The Roman Empire, the Ottoman Empire, the British Empire and the Japanese Empire are some examples of empires that struck fear in the hearts of those they conquered. These rose and fell according to the movements of the blank faces' chessboard, as they strove for final victory. For a long time, this unseen chess match has controlled the destiny of nations, and dictated when and where wars will be fought.

Throughout history, there have been wars everywhere on the planet. People have been conditioned to repeat that they want democracy, and are now willing to go to war for it. Democracy does not necessarily equate to liberty. Slavery continues to flourish in many democratic countries. It has altered its guise and appears different from the past, but, in essence, it is the same, just more palatably and subtly packaged.

People have been tricked into fighting for democracy instead of fighting for their lost freedom. The rise of true freedom fighters is occurring around the world. Many use the name, but only a few know what they really want, which is liberty. The real freedom fighters want to reclaim their motherlands that have been stolen from them. Most fighters are hired guns for rulers, politicians or gang lords. They do not fight for freedom – they are paid mercenaries. Just as not every gun toter is a real freedom fighter, not every true freedom fighter totes a gun.

The rulers fear and hate real freedom fighters because they struggle for altruistic reasons instead of pursuing selfish ambitions. Real freedom fighters are hard to crush. They are prepared to sacrifice to make things better for others. The ruling elite brand many real freedom fighters as “terrorists”, while they themselves are the real terrorists who trick many sincere ones into fighting causes for them, the latter of which destroy the real freedom fighters' own roots and motherlands.

These days, alliances are formed under different names to forward conquering agendas, often under the guise of democracy. It is almost always the case of a few at the top deciding the fate of countries. The people do not really have a say in most things that are crucial to their freedom, they only have the appearance of freedom and democracy. If the leaders are sincere about their causes, they should be on the front lines at the very least. The people really have no control over when their leaders go to war, who they fight, and for what purposes. The people are dragged into their leaders' wars.

A freedom fighter does not enter another land to help their country or organisation occupy that land. Freedom fighters struggle for the cause of liberty, not for the ambitions of rulers. History has shown that the human condition is such that liberty is always under attack by rulers and warlords, whether they be foreign or domestic. A freedom fighter can never relax, because rulers will arise to steal liberty. Most rulers derive their power by suppressing freedom.

The struggle for freedom is ongoing in this world. While it can never be long standing, the utopian goal of liberty is worth striving for. The nature of the world is to enslave, which will happen to all eventually if nothing is done to resist it. The agenda of One World Government will affect all humans. There will always be those who will be quick to sell out and betray their own, and there will be those who will fight for liberty – as above, as below.

Many people are of the belief that in a democratic country, they, the people, have freedom, because they have the chance to elect their own government. They naively believe that the people hold the power. Most people are too trusting. They do not realise how many factors can influence the voting and political process. Even in a democratic nation, the power rests in the hands of only a few people. In the Westminster system, the visible power primarily rests with the Queen, her governor general, and the ministers. In America, the visible power resides primarily with the president and his cabinet, and, to some extent, with the Congress. But, few suspect that there is a power behind the systems driving those at the top of the political ladders. Atop the seen and unseen ladders of power sit the ruling elite, who are ultimately directed by the blank faces.

The blank faces set up the hidden ladders of power a long, long time ago. Millennia ago, the blank faces were notoriously visible and known, but they suffered severe setbacks from powerful resistance to their rule. Since then, they have hidden behind layers and layers of camouflage. Even top members of the seen ruling elite can be oblivious to the levels of power above them. The identities of the blank faces are such well guarded secrets that virtually nobody could ever trace or betray them. The blank faces do not follow national, regional, racial, cultural or religious boundaries.

Had there not been the few who dared challenge the blank faces and their subordinates throughout history, the fate of the human race would be more pitiful than it currently is. Esoterically and literally, everyone on Earth is a slave and prisoner of the blank faces as they play out their chess match. The blank faces are the unseen tyrants that dictate to the seen leaders on the planet.

The blank faces control all facets of modern life – from street vendors to multi-national corporations, from local councils to national governments, from individual churches to whole denominations, from newspapers to television networks, from sports to entertainment, from the police to the military, from courts to hospitals and so on.

The hope for the world is that there are still some pockets of resistance to the blank faces around the globe. Over the centuries, the blank faces have tried desperately to quash the will of those who dare to resist them. It goes without saying that most of those who do resist the blank faces are unaware that the latter exist. Therefore, most of the real resistance on the Earth is directed at the agents of the blank faces.

The blank faces directed the conflagrations known as World War I and World War II, amongst many other wars. In each operation, the blank faces gained better understanding of how humans react to the forced occupation of their lands. They have learned that most leaders and their people can be coerced, bribed, threatened or tortured into submission. Those who will sell out are in the majority. The blank faces' agents have learned how to break the will of most of those who resist them.

Fortunately, there remains the small minority of people who will altruistically fight against all odds to help others. They do not seek fame, glory, power, recognition or other rewards. They fight against oppressors because they believe others have the right to be free from oppression.

The Great Wall of China is loaded with the blood and bones of helpless citizens who died and were buried therein on orders from Chinese rulers. The esoteric meaning of blood sacrifices permeates all cultures because those above the blank faces demand it.

The blank faces sponsored the Japanese Empire in the early to mid-twentieth century. They encouraged the Japanese people to have a sense of racial superiority and to brutally occupy many regions of the Pacific. In a sense, the Japanese people were victims of an experiment by the blank faces. Oblivious to the experiment, the Japanese rulers took pride in being an Asian race that defeated a western power. The Japanese took whatever they wanted, and were brutally oppressive wherever they went, treating those they conquered as inferior people. While all this was occurring, the Japanese government encountered some domestic resistance from a small minority of its own people, but it was mostly ineffective.

The Japanese Empire met fierce resistance in Korea from that country's freedom fighters, who tried to reclaim their motherland from the vicious, foreign occupiers. Mothers, fathers and brothers were forced to watch helplessly as daughters and sisters were repeatedly sexually violated by Japanese soldiers. They wailed as their daughters and sisters were openly taken away to be used as sex slaves to serve the Japanese army. Heartbroken mothers and fathers watched as their sons were dragged away, and conscripted to be fodder in the Japanese wars. The Korean people were starved and forced to manufacture for the Japanese war efforts. Wars are cruel. Korea has a long history of being occupied by surrounding nations, yet it has held on to a strong sense of national pride.

On the other side of the Earth, the blank faces sponsored Nazi Germany to rise and cruelly occupy Europe, parts of Africa and the Middle East. The Germans annexed nations and set up forced labour factories, concentration and death camps. The Nazis believed they were part of the pure Aryan race and staunchly believed in their own superiority over other races. While the Nazis encountered some internal resistance, like its Japanese counterpart, this, too, was no match for the oppressive regime.

The Nazis encountered fierce resistance in France when they occupied that nation. This is similar to what the Japanese experienced in Korea. Those who dare to fight for freedom make it hard for invading tyrants. The Japanese and German occupiers were eventually discarded and replaced by others.

It was not the German people as a whole who committed the atrocities. Nor was it the Japanese people as a whole committing such horrendous crimes. The responsibility always lies with the leaders and their criminal aides and supporters. It is always the few at the top who decide the fate of nations and their victims. They always find a batch of heinous criminals and collaborators willing to carry out their jobs. But, those leaders are working as agents for the blank faces, whether they are aware of it or not. The excuse that the criminals often use – that they are only doing their jobs – is cowardly and dishonest. If the job is criminal, then so are they.

The blank faces closely watched how the resistance worked in Korea, France and other places, and modified their plans for total domination of the planet accordingly. Their plan is for an eventual single totalitarian government, which has been called many names, including One World Government, New World Order or Sas-kora, as it is known amongst certain blank-face insiders.

After WWII, the blank faces realised that resistance to occupying foreign forces is better dealt with by making the occupiers look more like friends and helpers rather than oppressors. Hence, the modern occupiers wear different uniforms and masks. They cover their skunk odour with sweet cologne.

Not surprisingly, post WWII saw the creation of the nation of Israel, the combined national association of NATO, and the United Nations, which all serve as the delivery mechanisms that drive forward the agendas of the western blank faces. These are some of the new conquerors/occupiers working for the blank faces. Conversely, the blank faces that play on the opposite side of the chess board decided to employ a more defensive strategy, holding many of their vital pieces in reserve.

As the chess game unfolded in the latter half of the twentieth century, the world witnessed conquests for the western blank faces, which swept through Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. These conquests were not always achieved with bloody wars; some were accomplished with bribes and by corrupting various leaders. This phase of occupation gave the facade of progress, peace, justice, equality, freedom and democracy. The facade has been used to trick people into thinking that the horrible legacy from the Nazi and Japanese occupations is no more. However, there is no core difference today – the occupiers are wearing different uniforms, but the occupied people still suffer greatly under the occupations. Commonly, the propaganda used by the new occupiers and their collaborators is that whatever is introduced will create jobs, peace and prosperity. The collaborators' greed and thirst for power is exploited by the new occupiers to make inroads. These new occupiers have effectively stolen many motherlands.

America plays a different role on this chess board. It broke away from the western blank faces in 1776, when it ousted King George III, the German Hanover Tyrant who sat on the English throne. America accomplished this with the help from celestial freedom fighters. It has been estimated that fewer than 3 percent of the American people supported the Revolution, but the tables turned due to the freedom fighters' persistent struggle for liberty.

For many decades, America fought off the agents of the blank faces, but was eventually weakened and dragged onto the blank faces' chessboard. Instead of isolating from the world as best it could, as was advised strongly by its founders, it was tricked into becoming the champion for democracy. After entering the world arena, America lost its innocence. The blank faces promoted America until they thoroughly corrupted and stained it with innocent blood, while creating the image of an American Empire.

Like it or not, the cost to America for carrying the blank faces' imperial image was that it had to become the main occupier for the western blank faces. In so doing, it has become the bully for the blank faces, which puts all American people at risk. The United States has been allowed to soar for about a century, but it is now about to be callously discarded by the blank faces. However, what remains in America is a core of real freedom fighters, whom the blank faces fear.

Before taking down America, the blank faces want to disarm the citizens, whose right to bear arms gives them protection against the agents of the blank faces. The American founders may not have understood that the blank faces ran the world, but they knew what tyrants were, and they protected their future generations from the likes of George III by founding all of their laws on an express Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights specifically spells out certain limitations of government and the rights of individuals. The Bill of Rights is enforceable because it includes the Second Amendment, which guarantees that the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

To keep arms means to be allowed to own unregistered guns, because if guns are registered with the government, they can also be easily traced and seized by that same government. The collaborators with the agents of the blank faces argue that registering guns and doing background checks do not infringe on the right to bear arms. This is false! Tyrants in waiting can seize all registered guns at any time. Once the guns are gone, the Bill of Rights is shredded, and the people are helpless against the tyrants.

Already, all around the world, the blank faces have successfully disarmed citizens. The international anti-gun movement is a lackey for the blank faces. It is so powerful that it has succeeded in disarming nearly all the world's citizens. Its propaganda machine has convinced nearly everyone in the world to surrender their guns. Using the analogy of Animal Farm, the sheep of the world, instead of crying, “four legs good, two legs bad,” are bleating, “guns kill, ban guns.” Many people are killed or maimed by cars every year. Should they be banned, too?

There have been many massacres carried out by “lone gunmen” around the world. Each one of these has been used to promote and support the blank faces' anti-gun movement. America is feeling the full brunt of the agenda. Worldwide, people are being subjected to anti-gun propaganda, urging them to blindly support the anti-gun movement in America. The Australian media is so intensely focused on the American gun issue one would think it is an Australian issue. The Australian media is so overwhelmingly prejudiced against individual gun-ownership rights that one should ask who is directing the whole operation. They speak as one for the western blank faces' anti-gun movement. When one reflects on this, it is really as strange as it would be to see British Union Jacks flying on the Fourth of July in Stowe, Vermont, U.S.A. It would be as absurd as the American ABC turning itself over to British news presenters. After all, it was the western blank faces' agent, George III, that America ousted to claim its liberty from the blank faces.

Does Queen Elizabeth II giggle when Americans celebrate their “independence” day by singing My Country Tis of Thee to the tune of the British national anthem, God Save the Queen? It happens every Fourth of July! Do the ruling elite chuckle every time they hear the American national anthem played? The American poet, Francis Scott Key, wrote The Defence of Fort McHenry to give hope to Americans who were fighting for their liberty against the British in the War of 1812. The Defence of Fort McHenry was co-opted in London, its name was changed to The Star-Spangled Banner, and it was set to the tune of an English drinking song. Little by little, the ruling elite subtly corrupted American liberty. The two patriotic songs are just a pair of examples of this.

Americans were warned by their founders that to keep their freedom, and to remain a beacon of liberty to the world, they needed, as best as possible, to avoid debt, European wars, and perpetual alliances. Clearly, the American leaders have totally disregarded all three warnings. The only thing that stands in the way of total control by the blank faces is the American Second Amendment, giving the people the right to keep and bear arms, and, thus, a fighting chance to resist tyranny from the blank faces and their agents.

The American people cannot stop their presidents from going to war. Their Congress could, but it lacks the courage to do so. The Congress will not even curb itself or America's presidents from reckless spending and running up insurmountable debt. The American media works as a propaganda tool for the ruling elite, often to the detriment of American interests. However, America is not the only country where the people are having their liberties eroded. This is a worldwide phenomenon. This did not happen overnight, or by chance – it has been done by design.

The citizens everywhere are fearful of authorities. The world now runs on fear. Society has slowly eroded towards the gutter as it pays tribute to gangs and warlords. Speeding and parking violations are often prosecuted more aggressively than are armed robberies, home invasions and gang rapes. The untouchables in India are still used to manually collect human faeces for the upper classes. Slave labour is everywhere, but the free-trade propaganda has sanctified it. Is this a world advancing towards equality and peace for all? The people parrot, “I'm alright mate!” as they ignore the sewer around them. What is the world really coming to?

The American occupiers of South Korea are now building a naval base on Jeju Island, despite loud protests from the Koreans, whose government ignores the plight of its people and panders to the western occupiers. South Korea calls itself free Korea. How free is it? It is still under foreign occupiers!

There is a saying that the establishment is like a boulder, and the freedom fighters are like eggs slamming against the boulder. But, the eggs are alive and the boulder is inanimate. Eventually, some of the eggs will hatch, and, ultimately, the boulder will crumble. Then, the birds will walk on the sand left by the boulder. This concept of hope is what drives real freedom fighters to reclaim their liberty and their motherlands. These real freedom fighters are the ones that most frighten the blank faces.

Since the blank faces are invisible, many refuse to even contemplate the possibility of their existence. To those who know of their existence, they are not invincible. Although they hide in their lairs, when they are exposed, they must come out and become very vulnerable. The boulder will crumble when it has enough egg on its face. This is what is behind the Phoenix rising from the ashes!

The blank faces and their agents detest many human races and view them as worms and maggots. They are determined to eradicate these that they perceive as vermin. The ruling elite also disdain the poor people and perceive them to be dirty, useless beggars who lurk around and destroy the beauty of cities and palaces. If the blank faces have their way, they will surely exterminate certain races, such as the Arab people. Oddly, they would love to do the same thing to the Jewish people. The blank faces have no loyalty to any human race – they use and abuse them, only to later discard them.

Besides America, another area that has a strong and dedicated core of real freedom fighters is on the Korean Peninsula. Ironically, for all intents and purposes, America's military occupies the southern portion of the peninsula, which is known as the Republic of South Korea. Korea has a very long history of being occupied by China, Japan, the West, and now America, along side the United Nations. The Korean freedom fighters know how to endure all types of suffering, humiliation and occupation and they have not given up on re-claiming their motherland.

Sadly, humans have fallen into intricate traps laid by the blank faces and their agents. Instead of pursuing liberty, people are selfishly stepping on others. In the end, they, too, will be annihilated when one side of the blank faces prevails in the chess game for one world domination. The days remaining for any of the current pieces on the chessboard are numbered. The remaining time to act is very short.

Humans should unite against the blank faces and their agents to reclaim their motherland, which is the Earth, and evict the foreign invaders – the thugs and all of their lackeys.

One thing that freedom fighters must guard against is disillusionment. So often, they are betrayed or otherwise weakened by the agents of the blank faces. So often, they must pick themselves up and continue the struggle. Yet, they should not despair, but, instead, be encouraged to continue the fight for liberty.

Thankfully, there will always be true freedom fighters as long as there are tyrants. It is as though God has given them the strength to resist the evil of tyranny.