America is terrorising its own people. In the name of its self-proclaimed war on terrorism, it has robbed the nation of freedom and liberty. Government employees and contractors who are sworn to secrecy are often forced to violate their own conscience and perform despicable acts against humanity. The sugar-coating is that they are doing it for God and country. In reality, they are doing it for tyrants.

The agents of the Red Dragon have infiltrated America over the centuries. Their main objective has been to devour American liberties. They have surreptitiously invaded all facets of the government such that, for all intents and purposes, the Red Dragon agents are running the country. The blank faces will use whomever they can until they are no longer of any use, then they will abandon, and often punish, them. This is what the Red Dragon is now doing to Britain, which was its trusted and favoured agent for centuries. As above – as below. From the Red Dragon down to the governments, this is done to everyone and everything.

From the noble cause of fighting for justice and freedom, the United States has devolved into the world's biggest bully. Whole nations and alliances of nations are afraid of its intimidation. Imagine how frightened individual Americans are of this bully, which has the temporary backing of the western blank faces. Citizens are now encouraged to spy on one another. This is reminiscent of what took place in East Germany before the wall came down.

All nations are experiencing anger from their citizens for allowing them to be spied on by British and American agencies. The British and American governments have lied so much to their own people that their citizens think they are free, and that their respective governments are spreading freedom around the world. These people are far from being free. In fact, they are brainwashed by the very governments they entrust to protect them. The western propaganda has muddled so many minds that black looks white to them, and vice versa. The lying governments knowingly deceive their people and the rest of the world with bogus intelligence to justify invading and targeting various people and nations. Human sacrifice no longer means anything to them since they have lost their conscience and are devoid of spirituality. In short, they have become dark and demonic to the core. They use the name of God in vain as they justify murders, tortures and all their crimes in the name of God and security for their people. Do they really care for their people? Do they really worry about their national security?

Edward Snowden's saga has snowballed into an international drama. He is not running away from justice, but from the clutches of a tyrant. Many think of tyranny as being led by a single despot, yet America is a composite, democratic tyranny. Its leaders change from time to time, but its agenda remains constant. When its bloodhounds running the courts, legislatures and presidents pick up a scent and go for the kill, they become frantic and irrational.

Snowden was only trying to warn the American people that their liberty and rights were being stolen. He knew that he could not disclose this information anywhere in the United States because the tyranny is all encompassing within its borders. Therefore, he went to Hong Kong, which he hoped would be a relatively safe place, and released information about the secret PRISM programme and the secret court order that forced Verizon to give the U.S. government information on all its customers' transactions. Unlike many other companies, Verizon put up a fight for its customers' privacy, but it was no match for the American government.

Had America responded rationally to Snowden's whistle-blowing, it would have apologised, not only to its own citizens, but the whole world. Instead, it tried to bully the whole world. Snowden knows that his life is in danger. He knows that he cannot have a fair trial in America or in any forum where the U.S. has undue influence. In order to protect himself from U.S. persecution, he was forced to release information about the U.S. spying on China and its citizens through the hacking of mobile phones.

Only a few months ago, America was self-righteously attacking China for allegedly spying and hacking U.S. phones. Snowden's disclosure revealed that America started hacking and spying on China years ago. This shows what hypocritical, brazen liars are running American affairs. They dare to point fingers at others for what they have started. How could Snowden ever have a fair trial if the nation is run by those types of people?

Americans live under a giant dome controlled by hawkishly paranoid administrators. The dome is supposed to protect them from terrorists, but the terrorists are all within the government, and the terror is inside the dome. They have already imprisoned the whole nation inside the invisible dome of democratic propaganda.

Edward Snowden's case can be likened to the black slaves that were whisked away from persecution in the underground railway. Those people were helped by others despite the risks because it was the right thing to do. The countries and people helping Snowden are also doing the right thing for a fellow human being. Snowden would certainly be persecuted if the American government ever got hold of him. He would not get a fair trial, nor would he receive fair treatment. Many high-ranking government officials have already branded him a traitor. How could he get justice in such a hostile climate? Were he in American hands, he would most likely end up in a secret place, in a secret cell, in a secret prison, receiving secret torture, and, perhaps, be secretly assassinated and falsely accused of suicide. There would be no due process or natural justice afforded him. This is not a new game. It is a well-known fact.

It is obvious that the American government has lost its conscience. Its first aspiration was premised on liberty, but it has become the world's Oppressor of Liberty. It bullies other nations economically, politically, militarily and in all other ways. There are so few voices for freedom within America that they are drowned out by the bullies and spies.

The Snowden affair marks the turning point for America. There is no turning back. It has exposed itself as superficial and criminal to the whole world. It has dared to threaten China and Russia for showing human regard to Snowden. Imagine how it is bullying less powerful nations! Then, imagine what it would do to individuals! There is no turning back. America no longer represents liberty. It has reversed its course and has exposed itself as a hypocritical, liberty-devouring monster, a demon that thrives on crushing individual rights and freedoms.

America once stood for liberty and justice. Indeed, it was once a proud nation, worthy of respect for its stance on freedom. Its motto was, “In God We Trust.” It has been corrupted into a lying, deceptive, hypocritical, murderous tyranny, led by godless liars and bullies.

America is so far gone that its citizens are helpless against their tyrannical government. Those Americans who still love liberty can see the writing on the wall. They have nobody to call for help. Nobody will impose a no-fly zone over America or send in humanitarian aid to assist them to disassemble the American tyranny. They must do it themselves. They have the law behind them in the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. They should demand that their tyrannical government stand down right now. The first step will be a hard one, but if they are to reclaim their inalienable rights of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” they must demand a full presidential pardon and a personal apology from President Obama for what their government has done to Edward Snowden.