It is a time of fear, violence, uncertainties and sadness for planet Earth. Amidst this seemingly hopeless situation, nobody should give up on coping as best as they can.

Our direct insight into values, into what is right or wrong, can help solve or prevent many problematic situations that relate to human conduct, on an individual and collective scale. The common theme underlying world problems involving violence and conflicts is often related to the causes and consequences of actions. Individual and collective actions are becoming more and more forceful, and often amount to outright bullying. People are attempting to force their will on others, whether it be in terms of lifestyle, language, culture, religion, political ideals or education.

Human nature can be changed for the better or worse. Since most of the time human nature is largely influenced by social conditioning, impulses and external influences, if one gives in to the influence of bigotry and hatred, one can be swept up in impulsive hatred. Hate begets hate, and vicious circles of hatred begin to swirl. This has happened on the planet, and we are entering an epidemic of swirling masses of hatred.

There are political leaders who are fuelling hatred, conflicts and wars. Some of these same warmongers are simultaneously calling for peace. Many countries are being invaded, and the invasions are being justified as self-defence, using the excuse that whatever is going on in whatever foreign land will ultimately impinge on their borders. To follow their arguments through, they are saying that war makes peace. The world accepts this argument, and allows wars in the name of peace.

This week, a periodical that specialises in satirical presentations was invaded by gunmen who shot and killed at least 12 people in Paris. The world is aghast that such violence is bloodying Paris' streets. As the world sees it, those who were shot are victims, and those who did the shooting are criminals. There is no consideration given to the motives behind the killings. The gunmen have already been convicted in the eyes of the public, regardless of the reasons for the violence. These gunmen may possibly be soldiers on orders from some government or organisational unit. It would not be the first time that such an open, violent and brazen assassination has been committed in this century. Consider the case of the killing of Osama bin Ladin. Such carnage was justified based on the “war on terrorism”. At this stage, the public is unaware if the gunmen acted of their own volition to commit an act of revenge, murder or terror. Nor is it known whether some group, nation or alliance of nations ordered the killings. Prior to the Osama bin Ladin assassination, Western leaders did not openly telecast and celebrate killings of their enemies as if they were cheering at a football game. United States President, Barack Obama, changed all that by cheering on his Navy Seals, and he encouraged the citizens of the world to join in and celebrate the violent assassination of Osama bin Ladin. This ushered in a new era of openly justified political assassinations by the West.

Today, it is possible that a political leader was cheering on his or her soldiers for committing such an atrocity in Paris. Videos are being broadcast of gruesome beheadings committed by Islamic State. The media is fervently broadcasting gory events. Irresponsible broadcasting can lead to many more tragedies. The banner is being raised for freedom of speech and freedom of the press, when it suits the powers that be of course, and the public is responding to the impulse of the situation. However, one must be rational regarding freedom of speech; it is not absolute. With the right of freedom of speech and expression comes great responsibility, and when that expression goes beyond simply uncensored reporting of facts and opinion and is used to intentionally incite hatred, or is expressed knowing that it could or will incite hatred, when it is used to fuel propaganda and to stir conflict and violence, then it has crossed the line and abandoned the moral code without which the ideal freedom of speech cannot exist. Without that guiding moral principle, uncensored expression becomes malicious, abusive, destructive and evil.

There are at least two sides to the story. This does not look like a gangland killing by thugs or amateurs. It is probable that somebody ordered the killings. It is also probable that it was a political body that ordered the killings.

There is a saying that the majority rules, but, in reality in this world, a small minority rules. There can never be equality and true democracy as long as the minority can do as they please. They can sanction and eliminate their enemies. They do not have national borders. The small minority decides the fate of different nations. They determine what is right and what is wrong. They have redefined good as boring and stupid and evil as pleasurable and good. It is not improbable that the small minority ordered the Paris killings.

Fighting terrorism is high on the list of various groups and nations. The Western-led fight against terrorism has caused a lot of death and misery all around the world. Many innocent people have been killed, maimed or displaced. Islamic State and other groups, that have been labelled as terrorists by the West, in turn refer to the West as terrorists. Many of these groups view the United States and the United Kingdom as the biggest terrorists on Earth. The claims from both sides are similar. Both are fuelling hatred, conflict and war. Both claim their opponents are threatening and destroying their security, values, way of life and ideals. This is a prescription for conflicts and wars that ride on ever bigger waves of swirling hatred.

World leaders are either oblivious to being played by the murderous ruling elite, or they are accomplices. Truth is hidden so the ruling elite can continue to suffocate, manipulate, control and devour the masses. Extraterrestrial presence on the planet has been hidden from the masses. World governments are still trying to trick their populations into thinking that alien crafts are actually government ships. This is devious. Those who have personally experienced alien events are not fooled.

Behind the scenes, many innocent people are being persecuted, tortured, harassed and even annihilated for daring to speak or expose truth. People can be deleted from systems for telling the truth about the existence of aliens on Earth, or exposing the minority rulers of the planet. Many have experienced being anonymously deleted from programmes.

The Red Dragon has supported its own brand of ruling elite on the planet. Soon, It will abandon them and then attack them. The ruling minority is about to lose its support from the Red Dragon, which has new enemies approaching. It is up to the majority of humans on Earth to reclaim their right to peaceful existence from the warmongering Red Dragon and Its agents.