UNEUNATO – Un-Good-NATO – has its political mouthpieces from various NATO countries warning everyone to keep their hands off the Ukraine. The blatant hypocrites dare to tell Russia and others not to intervene in the domestic affairs of the Ukraine when that is exactly what they are doing.

UNEUNATO had everything planned from the outset. NATO is working much like the German NAZI party of the 1930s. The Reichstag Fire and the 2014 coup in Kiev are indistinguishable in many ways. The 2014 coup was planned earlier by anti-democratic forces to empower a minority party against the will of the majority of the people of the Ukraine. The dirty deal was struck a long time ago. It did not just happen in 2014. It was a calculated move, which NAZI-NATO hopes to carry out against other nations.

NAZI-NATO has painted itself as a champion of freedom and democracy, while all this time it has been secretly incubating its fascist maggots. The maggots crawling all over the Ukraine are about to become full-grown flies. NAZI-NATO has fooled the world and betrayed humanity. Its eggs are planted and its maggots are hatching worldwide, hiding under many different guises.

NAZI-NATO instigated and sponsored the coup in Kiev. Not surprisingly, the IMF and other western bankers are already getting their claws into the Ukraine, preparing the way for confiscating property from people who dare oppose the new, anti-democratic, fascist government. This will be a standard procedure for snatching private and government resources from any victim countries of the UNEUNATO Monster.

In the Ukraine, one of the first parliamentary moves after the coup was to utter the expected mantra about dragging its democratically elected president into court. This time, it is UNEUNATO's international court where they want to persecute him for supposed murders. Is it not strange that Tony Blair and George W. Bush have never been summoned to the UNEUNATO kangaroo courts for mass murders in Iraq? What about the NATO leaders who pushed for mass murders in Libya?

Journalists who do not bow to the wishes of NAZI-NATO and its agents will be persecuted and silenced. Journalists who write stories supporting gay/lesbian issues, legalisation of drugs, greenhouse gas/carbon emission issues, asylum seekers, Muslim-phobia, sport, entertainment and other filler subjects will temporarily be spared. Those who respect truth and ethical journalistic practices will be flagged for scrutiny and targeted in many ways.

Muslims need to be aware of infiltrators in their mosques. Not all western converts are genuine Muslims. Remember, the anti-democratic plan, like many other plots, was conceived long ago. The emerging force will target Muslims throughout the world. The ruling elite have successfully linked terrorism with Islam to the detriment of Muslims everywhere. Already, the propaganda has turned many people against Muslim immigrants in their respective countries.

The ruling elite has planted refugees from war-torn countries to create crises, conflicts, weaken countries, and instil hatred of Muslims and others. Fascist power comes from hatred of others. Fascists want refugees in countries that they will target to create complications, conflicts and situations that make it easier to topple governments. Indeed, refugee advocates and supporters are doing an important service for NAZI-NATO fascists.

Naturally, NAZI-NATO hates Jews, even though it has appeared to be supporting them. As I have always said, Israel has been used and exploited by those who created the nation. Ironically, the nation's only hope lies with its Muslim neighbours. The Israelis could have been allies instead of foes of the Palestinians, but those in power blocked this from happening. The ruling elite have their own agenda.

The coup in the Ukraine is not for the Ukrainian people, it is for NAZI-NATO.

If the anti-democratic fascists of the once nuclear-armed Ukraine can acquire nuclear weapons under the supposed premise of defence of the Ukraine, a very dangerous arm of NAZI-NATO will be able to force its will elsewhere. When the force of the NAZI-NATO Monster matures, it will turn its weapons on its current masters, America, the UK and others. NAZI-NATO's dedicated maggots are everywhere, ready to transform into flies at the right time. The targeted countries already have home grown and implanted traitors, ready to become UNEUNATO insurgents.

If the whole scheme unfolds according to NAZI-NATO plans, the trend will be for the fascist force to overtake every targeted nation. The fascist Monster plots to use its coup d'état strategy to attempt a crushing final blow.