The Middle East is divided into national and cultural regions, as is Europe and Asia. Palestine, too, has its own culture, social identity and dreams. Palestinians had hoped for a brighter future under the British, and that they would eventually acquire their promised independence. This did not happen.

The idea for creating a Jewish homeland in Palestine was hatched near the end of the nineteenth century by the Zionist political movement. After several false starts, the movement finally took hold after the Nazi Holocaust. The holocaust in Germany was used to opportunistically disadvantage the Palestinians and benefit the Zionist movement. Shortly thereafter, the Jewish state of Israel was created.

Many reasons were put forward to justify the creation of a Jewish state, despite its creation divesting the Palestinians of lands they had occupied for centuries, if not millennia. The arguments supporting the creation of Israel are many, but, the truth is, the state of Israel was put together for other than the stated reasons. The Zionists saw the original partitions of Palestine as the starting point for a Jewish state, from which they relentlessly expanded, as they expelled the resident Palestinians to absorb more and more territory into the newly formed Jewish nation-state. The Israeli government has been aggressively expanding and occupying lands that were previously partitioned for the Palestinians. This sums up Israeli nationalistic expansion and absorption policies!

Forced divestment of lands is a common theme throughout Western history. The indigenous people of America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand know the injustice and pain caused by Western colonisation, with the massacres, displacement, and theft of their dignity, identities, lands and resources that this has brought. In the case of the Palestinians, they avoided the full-scale genocides that were launched at American and Canadian Indians and other aboriginal peoples. The Palestinians were spared such fate because the world was watching the Zionist movement, which has attempted to present the appearance of fairness and moderation.

The Zionist appearance of fairness and moderation is really a sham. The Zionist state of Israel has been overtly practising apartheid and ethnic cleansing. Palestinians living within the borders of Israel are not treated as equals to other citizens of the nation. The Israeli government has been conducting “officially sanctioned” discrimination against its Palestinian subjects. In 1975, even the United Nations condemned Zionism as a form of “racism and radical discrimination”. If the acts of terror committed against the Palestinians by the Israeli government were widely known, Israeli rule over the Palestinians would be classified as tyranny. The Zionist plan is now very clear – to evict or annihilate as many of its Palestinian subjects as possible without incurring the wrath of the international community.

The glaring Israeli-Palestinian conflict will not be resolved until justice on both sides is served. The sad saga of injustice, humiliation, brutality and suffering inflicted on the Palestinians day after day has resulted in deep distrust and anger towards the Israeli government. It is important to realise that it is not all the Israeli Jews who are conducting apartheid and inflicting ethnic cleansing on the Palestinian people; it is the Israeli government that is doing this. Not all Jews support what is being done to the Palestinians, but they are intimidated into silence by the Zionist Jews. They dare not speak out openly for fear of extreme retaliation.

The plight of the Palestinians, denied their own independent state and self rule, is a sad and unjust case of a people left helpless under the dictates of tyranny while the power brokers behind it decide who can and cannot have their independence and dignity. Just as many of the Israeli Jews are threatened into silence, so, too, are Jews worldwide. Whole nations and alliances of countries have been intimidated into silence for fear of being branded anti-Semitic, and the inevitable retaliation by the power brokers.

Palestinians are effectively treated as a conquered people and as the subjects of Israel. They are restricted in travel and subjected to humiliating searches at checkpoints if they attempt to venture outside of their “reservations”. Their homes are insecure, subject to regular searches by the Israeli government, as well as frequent government ordered shelling and bombing, and their homes are often confiscated without compensation and then bulldozed, as the expansionist government makes room for more Jewish settlers in the occupied territories.

The whole world has been intimidated into silence regarding the atrocious human rights violations regularly being inflicted on the Palestinian people. The unreasonable bullying of the entire world by Zionists has to cease. People should not be frightened into silence any longer. The Australian Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, has insensitively disregarded decades of terror wrought on the Palestinians by the Israeli government as she declared that the territories that Israel “occupied” were now only “disputed”. In justifying her re-categorisation of the lands from “occupied” to “disputed,” she is making an argument that sounds as if she thinks the change is only about semantics! It is indeed amazing how her semantic argument is so disadvantageous to the Palestinians and so favourable to the Semites! Regardless of the words used, the invaded lands are indeed occupied.

Not to be outdone by the Australian Foreign Minister, the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, went on the American television show, Meet the Press, and, to paraphrase his comments, he declared that Israel was the shining star in the darkened Middle East, the beacon of liberty, and the hope for the future. This parody was presented with such straight-faced aplomb that it would make Bud Abbott proud, if it were really a satire. But, sadly, Mr Netanyahu is either so deluded as to believe what he said, or so disingenuous as to present it as truth.

What Netanyahu actually said so proudly was:

. . . Then you come to Israel, and you see the one democracy that upholds basic human rights, that guards the rights of all minorities, that protects Christians. Christians are persecuted throughout the Middle East. So, most Americans understand that Israel is a beacon of civilisation and moderation . . .

The above was a part of Netanyahu's chastisement of the Presbyterian Church, USA, for taking a courageously symbolic step in response to the Israeli government's horrendous, long-standing, on-going human rights' violations of the Palestinian people, by divesting itself of shares in companies that are assisting in these abuses. The stand taken by the Presbyterian Church is a noble one. It is not about politics, race or religion. It is about doing the right thing.

Jews have been persecuted around the world. There is no denying this. They should understand better than most what it is like to be unjustly abused and humiliated. The oppression and injustices to which Palestinians are subjected are not the fault of Israeli Jews, nor Jews worldwide. It is the Israeli government that is conducting apartheid and what amounts to genocide of the Palestinians. Even in democratic countries, the citizens have very little control over what their respective governments do to their own citizens and others. By the same token, many Americans oppose the wars and conflicts in which the United States is involved, but their government does what it pleases.

The late Nelson Mandela was adamant in his criticism of the Israeli government for conducting apartheid against the Palestinian people. Mandela's belief that the battle against apartheid in South Africa was tied to the fight for freedom of the Palestinian people from Israeli rule was demonstrated in his statement: “But we know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians.”

What should concern all Jewish people is that there is an agenda to decimate or annihilate the Jewish population around the world. It has been attempted before, but it failed. This time, it is being carried out in a most unexpected manner. Those whom the Jews trust the most may not be their friends at all.

The resistance by the Palestinians against the Israeli government's oppression will continue until the Palestinians finally have their independence. It will come.