Tyranny is rampant and active everywhere. The Fourth of July celebrates the independence of America. Unlike many other countries that achieved sovereignty, American independence was won by brave-hearted patriots who said “No!” to George III's despotism.

Gradually, the American government has stripped Americans of their rights and liberties. Today, there are enclaves within America that are police states, where the Declaration of Independence is ignored, and the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are suspended. Among the most obvious examples of these are the public airports. Nobody can fly on a commercial airplane in the United States without “volunteering” to be searched, scanned and humiliated. Often, the police-like enforcers are arrogant and rude. The passengers are so intimidated that they are afraid that the use of certain words could land them in trouble. It is a common sight to see anxious people sweating at airports, not because they have done anything wrong, but because others have committed crimes. The government argues that it must enforce security in airports to protect the passengers. In effect, the government has turned every commercial airport into a military zone, where civil law is suspended and people's civil rights are suppressed. This amounts to governmentally inspired domestic violence, molestation and psychological abuse! The abuse is no longer limited to airports; it has been extended to buses and trains in some instances.

When flying from Los Angeles to Boston, I was directed into a body-scanning device. I refused to be scanned, for both personal reasons and concerns over what effects repeated radiation and magnetic probing have on the human body. Even the American television personality, Dr. Oz, has warned people to limit exposure in dental chairs, doctor's offices and so on. When I refused the scan, a female TSA officer made an annoyed gesture and uttered a non-lingual expression before shouting, “Another one!” She then said, “I have to search you right here.” She was referring to an open section of the security scanning area where passengers were watching. Then she said, “Have you been through this before?” I replied, “No. I have never been so humiliated before.” She said, “Don't try to be smug.” I responded, “You must be very proud of yourself.” The TSA worker was getting very annoyed, and another TSA worker made a silent gesture to me to let it go. I took the advice because I did not want to miss my flight. When the search was over, I gave the searching agent a big smile and said, “Thank you for searching my body.” She responded with a dirty sneer. From the reaction of passengers and other TSA workers, you could tell that everyone there was terrified. I have heard many Australians declare they would never return to America for a holiday again after being treated like criminals at their airports.

Almost everyone keeps quiet as they are humiliated and intimidated, not only in airports, but also in government offices, courthouses and such. The police-state security extends beyond the American borders. When I went to the American Consulate in Sydney, Australia, to get my green card, I had to pass through a scanner, have my handbag and other possessions placed in a locker by a guard, be escorted by another guard to a lift, and deposited on another floor, thereafter to only speak to people behind thick glass windows via microphones and speakers. The tension was unbearable during the visit. The American police state has been exported to Australia, and other countries.

Americans have been so intimidated and brainwashed that they think that having a pseudo martial law police state is normal. Moreover, they think they are free, because the government propaganda keeps telling them that they are free and represent liberty to the world.

Although Americans are living in a police state right now, most of them are unaware of it. Most Americans repeat the official propaganda. They say that since they want to be safe and secure, they need to accept some inconveniences. These inconveniences entail giving away their inalienable rights to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” They give up their rights to free speech and protection against unwarranted searches. The government secretly spied on them, but the whistle was blown, so that now Americans know it is occurring. Despite this knowledge, Americans still allow their personal communications and details to be openly shared and used. They continue to allow their government to read their emails and listen to their phone calls. They consent to government voyeurs spying on them because they are so conditioned to accept the police state.

The police are now trigger happy in America, pulling their guns for minor violations and petty offences. Recently, it was reported that a 20 year-old university student had a plain clothes officer pull a gun on her as a suspected minor in possession of alcohol. The girl was carrying a twelve-pack of water that she had purchased. No offence was committed, except for the crimes of the terrorist police officer. Yet, the petrified student went to jail, and faced serious crimes for resisting arrest and eluding police pursuit for fleeing from an obsessed gunman. All the police involved in this case should be stood down, chastised and charged. This is a report of appalling abuse of police power. But, Americans think this police brutality is okay because they are told they are free, and they must obey the law, because the “rule of law” is right. Everyone watches as injustices are committed. Fortunately, in this case, the charges have been dropped against the student, but the terrorising police are still at large. This incident displays the ugly picture of a police state.

How often are there forced confessions because the people arrested are so frightened and/or tortured into submission? This represents the antithesis of liberty. The right to remain silent is not just an empty phrase. Free people have a right not to be coerced into confessions to avoid police abuse.

Modern patriots may not tote guns; they can be the ones who dare to speak up and protest against what is wrong. Whistle blowers are one group of modern patriots. Most of them are intimidated into silence in America. Some are even tortured. A state that terrorises its citizens into silence is anything but a free state. And the courts call this abuse due process, which is the American version of natural justice.

Most Americans are so afraid of authority that they submit to it. Many are even frightened to discuss political ideas that do not fit into officially acceptable discourse.

The Americans who would dare to speak out often only know what is reported by the conventional media. The various media are so intimidated that they dare not go beyond certain boundaries. The American government has severely restricted investigative reporting. Thus, the silent acceptance of the abuse continues, and the people who might speak up are ignorant of the abuses.

Americans no longer have a free press. They no longer have free speech. They are losing their right to silence. They have surrendered their right to be free from warrantless searches. They have given up their right to travel unless they want to be treated like terrorists. All of these rights have been stolen from them by their government. The American government has become the Oppressor of Liberty.

The Fourth of July signifies freedom from oppression. What is there left to celebrate now? Martial law? The police state? Lost rights?

The Fourth of July no longer represents Independence Day. Sadly, it is now the Oppressor of Liberty Day. If Americans like the situation they are in, like being spied on by their government, like being intimidated by their government, like being silenced by their government, by all means, they deserve to be enslaved to their government. If they want freedom, they have to stop their government's abuse of their rights.

American patriots can reverse this by demanding a return to government of the people, by the people and for the people – liberty.