The history of the world is a succession of wars. Centuries ago, European imperialism was in full swing. While it has been refined today, European colonialism was tantamount to piracy, murder and robbery. The conquered people saw the European invaders as pirates. The militarily-advanced Europeans took full advantage of their situation. Invasion, torture, slavery and genocide were used to obtain total control of some continents. Indeed, European history is stained with blood and tears.

Presently, the European's attack dog is the United States of America. The US is doing the bidding and dirty work for the Western Qualas. America's ego is so inflated that it thinks it is calling the shots, but it is a lackey for the Qualas, and, in reality, is just their slave. In the early days of its history, America temporarily broke away from the ruling elite. At the time, Americans did not realise that they were attempting to break away from the Qualas.

Unfortunately, over time, America was reabsorbed into the Qualas' sphere, and corrupted into what it is today. The high-principled ideals of liberty and freedom remain in the American vocabulary, but the Liberty Bell no longer rings enthusiastically. Sadly, the words “freedom and liberty” have become empty words in the US. Those who dare to sincerely express the sentiment of liberty and justice for all are suppressed, threatened, persecuted and silenced. This is the current state of American liberty.

There are a select few at the top of the American ladder who dictate the destiny of the citizens of the country. They control the minds and bodies of the people. They brainwash the bulk of Americans through education, media, entertainment, advertising, fashion and various other outlets, so they think, act, believe and express as the ruling elite want them to. It now amounts to a nation of robots acting out what is programmed into their systems. If the ruling elite want them to legalise marijuana, it is legalised. If they want gay rights advanced, they are advanced. If they want war, there will be war. If they want slavery legalised, it will be. Tragically, almost all Americans have relinquished their ability to think independently of the ruling elite.

To reiterate, the ruling elite in America do not act in the best interests of the nation of America or the people of that country; they have willingly enslaved themselves to the Qualas in exchange for power, position, status, wealth and luxury. They have sold out the nation, which is why America is enforcing and spreading corrupted ideals of peace, prosperity, democracy and liberty. For all intents and purposes, those directing the United States' domestic and foreign policies are foreign agents, working against their own country and its people. In fact, they view any of their own people who think for themselves as potential enemies.

American foreign policy exports conflicts and wars worldwide. Those nations it can befriend are convinced to purchase arms to protect themselves, which helps keep the American war machine active. If American allies are hesitant to stock war supplies and spread conflicts, they become victims of surreptitious insurrections and conflicts until they believe in the need to defend themselves from foreign and domestic terrorists. American agents have stirred insurrections all around the world. Once a nation is torn apart through war, it needs rebuilding and rearming. Most of the contracts for reconstruction benefit the West. Ongoing wars and conflicts are absolutely necessary to keep capitalist economies going.

America has openly spread the Qualas' wars and insurrections in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria, amongst other nations. Less conspicuous are its surreptitious operations to destabilise sitting governments in Cuba, Egypt, Venezuela, Ukraine and scores of other countries.

Australia is bonding more and more with America, and has started to express the American paranoia regarding potential military danger from China, Russia and other countries. It is imperative to the Qualas agenda that Australia buys into the American paranoia and propaganda, because the military mind of the Red Dragon will soon totally vacate America and settle in Brisbane, Australia.

One of the precursors to the Red Dragon's arrival has been the attraction and resettlement of various brains, celebrities, and high-powered people to Australia. Australia is ripe for the picking because it does not have an express bill of rights, or even the guaranteed rights to free speech, free association and free assembly. It is a democracy, but the people have only an illusory say in what goes on. The head of state is Queen Elizabeth II of England. The commander in chief of the Australian armed forces is the Queen's agent, the Governor General, whose allegiance is first and foremost to the British Queen, and not to the Australian people.

While most Australians espouse equality for all, and proudly proclaim the country to be egalitarian, this is clearly not the case. The head of state is viewed by most Australians as belonging to a class so far above them that it can only be accessed by royal birth, or, in rare instances, by marriage to a commoner. This year, Good Friday and Easter in Australia were overshadowed by the visit of Prince William, who is the second in line to the head of state in Australia. The Queen is the head of the Church of England, yet her grandson and his family visited Australia during Easter, which resulted in the Christian Holy Week being converted into a secular extravaganza. Many Australians have criticised the timing of the visit and its sacrilegious undertones, especially since it was promoted as a Royal Easter instead of a Holy Easter.

When there is royalty, there can be no equality. This applies all around the world. When birthright promotes class distinction this is the exact opposite of egalitarianism. Like it or not, it is a caste system, and carries with it the master/slave mentality.

America has instigated, promoted, implemented and engaged in so much insurrection, and so many civil wars abroad, that the energy those activities carry is returning to roost in the United States. Factions are rising that are prone to challenge authority. The KKK is openly recruiting people, and frustrated people who are dissatisfied with the government can be attracted to the organisation, despite its hateful agenda. The mindset of the KKK is reflected in the right-wing sector that has acquired some power in the Ukraine. The American paranoia of Russia is so pronounced that it is backing the right-wing sector in Kiev, which is simultaneously supporting the energy driving the KKK in America.

The United States is fracturing. There is much unrest brewing within as the government insists on pursuing its foreign agenda. Civil war is in the cards for the nation. So many Americans are impoverished, yet the foreign wars continue. Those who have plenty to eat and spend are not affected by the internal poverty or the foreign wars.

In Nevada, there is a rancher whose family has owned the land for almost 150 years, yet the American government thinks it has more right to the land than he does. This is becoming a classic property rights battle. It is attracting the attention of many militia groups in America, some of which have openly stated that they will engage in armed conflict with government agents if necessary. This is far more serious than the situation was in Waco, Texas, just before the American government incinerated the Waco complex in 1993 and burned the Branch Davidians alive! If the American government is heavy handed in Nevada, it could open the floodgates to insurrections around the country. It could lead to secession movements and civil war. On the other hand, if the government leaves the rancher alone, it will be relinquishing power over its subjects. Thus, the government is truly in a dilemma – one of its own making.

America is fracturing because the people's liberty has been compromised. The people have been neglected and sold out by their leaders, who are doing the bidding of the European Qualas. The once proud Eagle of the beautiful land has lost its way. It needs to return to its founding basics – to right, to liberty, to justice – if it is to reclaim its former glory, when it actually stood for liberty for the people and against the European Qualas, who are now its masters.

Compassion starts at home. America's poor and underprivileged have been neglected. The indigenous people who had their lands stolen and their cultures destroyed have been most sorely abused. The Red Dragon has ruined the American dream of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. “These are the times that try men's souls.” If America can begin to show compassion to its own people, it can begin influencing the whole world to be more compassionate towards one another. This would be the start of the revolution against all of the Qualas.