People all over the world cry for justice, but injustice flourishes everywhere. People are told to respect and accept the “rule of law”, but the laws can be flawed, and verdicts can be wrong. There are many people who are set up by others. Finding a scapegoat is more prevalent in the underworld, but it happens in police matters, from the lowest patrol personnel to the highest administrators.

Nowadays, governments can be so corrupt and dirty that nothing whatsoever should be considered out of the question. For instance, many suspected that governments were watching everything on the Internet. Now, we have proof that not only were they watching everything, they were collecting it as part of a huge espionage mission involving the Five Eyes in the west – the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. This means that all five of these countries are deeply involved in a conspiracy to spy on everyone in the world. Many other countries are participants in this conspiracy. This proves that the leaders of these countries have conspired to spy on their people and others. This is not being done by the rule of law. The Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution demands:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Where are the warrants? Who are the people to be searched? Where is the probable cause for the searches? These rights are all being violated by the Five Eyes and their partner nations.

All of the leaders of these British Commonwealth countries are responsible for everything their governments do. Certainly, Queen Elizabeth II is ultimately responsible since she is the head of state of four of the Five Eyes. All of these leaders are collaborating with the American government to circumvent the Fourth Amendment. Many lawyers, law professors, judges, legislators and presidents are involved in trying to pervert the plain language of the Fourth Amendment. We now know beyond all doubt that there is an international conspiracy against the Fourth Amendment – against the American people.

Clearly, there is a conspiracy against Americans. All Americans are aware of the Bill of Rights. People who want a Green Card or American citizenship should know about the American Constitution. Spying on all citizens is the indelible mark of tyranny. Only despots leading authoritarian regimes would want to pry so intrusively and indiscriminately.

This spying makes a complete mockery of American democracy. There is no guarantee of freedom or justice when everyone is always being spied upon.

September 11, 2001 is a marker for the blatant perversion of the Fourth Amendment. People have become so frightened by terrorist activities that they have been forced to surrender their freedom and rights in the name of security. Any government seeking more power and control over its people will be very tempted to commit terrorist acts within its own country to justify grabbing more power, through the introduction of laws that remove more freedoms and rights from its people. Eventually, the people become subjects, acting at the pleasure of the rulers. This leads right back to absolute authoritarian rule, but it is all being done under the guise of democracy, freedom and justice.

There is so much corruption in governments now, who can believe their official propaganda?

The whole scenario of the Boston Marathon bombing is questionable. How could anyone believe that the NSA, which has collected every communication in the country, does not know every culprit involved in the bombing? The whole investigation looks like a stage production, like the many seemingly unrelated “lone gunman” events. They have common threads. Memorials and outpourings of emotion generally follow the events. These incidents are all geared towards disarming citizens. But, the whole world believes the “Hollywood” productions of the authorities.

The official propaganda for the Boston bombings started with media identification of two individuals. The public was urged to participate in the hunt for the bombers. But, the public search got out of hand, and the public ended up looking at suspects that the government, for whatever reasons, wanted to protect. Once the two suspects that the government wanted identified were identified in the media, the official propaganda started working on the conviction and sentencing process. This would not be justice, even if they were the culprits. The media has been used to bypass the trial to determine guilt or innocence. The authorities have stirred the people to anger. They know that the bombing was a highly charged, emotional situation. They claim to be after justice, but they have ignored the fact that everyone should be presumed innocent until they are proven otherwise. The authorities have fanned the people's anger with propaganda until they want revenge instead of justice. Now that the propaganda has been effectively spread, the people no longer care whether these two brothers committed the bombing, because they have already been convinced by official propaganda that they did. Ultimately, it is vengeance, not justice, being carried out. One needs to ask, “Have they solved the case, or is it a perfect frame?” If the two brothers are innocent, where is the justice for them and their family?

What if the FBI carried out the bombing? What if it was done by the NSA? What if some other branch of government planned and executed the bombing, and the people were watching so intently that they had to finger some suspects? What if the NSA knows that the FBI have the wrong suspects – would they tell the people or the FBI?

When the events involve international citizens, then there can be even more sinister and wide-reaching implications. Remember, September 11 engulfed the whole world as people everywhere were forced to surrender their rights in exchange for supposed security. What is coming next?

What is so frightening is that anybody can be framed, especially when the government involves the media and the people in apprehending the accused person before there is a trial. This contaminates justice so much that it is unlikely that the accused will get a fair trial.

Indeed, Edward Snowden will never get a fair trial in any country influenced by America. The government and the media have already convicted him in their minds and they are working overtime to convince the people all over the globe that Snowden is guilty and should face revenge in America.

Why are the American authorities so concerned about the information Snowden possesses? Are they afraid that he will say who really bombed the Boston Marathon? Can he prove the two brothers were set up? The dead cannot testify and cannot have a trial! This has conveniently silenced Lee Harvey Oswald and many, many others. What if there is absolute proof that the American government is deeply involved in many of the terrorist activities in many places around the world?

It is chilling to think that nobody is safe from the reaches of bloodhounds. This is modern justice. In the past, it would have been called the inquisitions, stake burning, or crucifixion.