Ethnologists have not suspected or uncovered the conspiracy affecting human societies that goes back to prehistoric times. Today, the insidious force that has ever so subtly been driving human affairs is beginning to express more, with more humans behaving like drunken sailors.

Many of the world's leaders have been affected by this force, too. Some of them now believe themselves to be invincible. They are arrogantly promoting self-righteous causes that they know full well are bogus. They want to bully, as they thrive on gore and blood. They now take pleasure in thinking that they can subdue anyone or anything as they beat an imperialist drum.

According to President Obama, and those who beat the war drum for him, the biggest concern at present is that chemical weapons are being used by a crazy, savage dictator in Syria to kill his own people. John Kerry, Obama's Secretary of State (the equivalent to a foreign minister), stated in the US Senate that President Assad is: “ . . . a man who has been willing to kill his own people by breaking a nearly 100 year old prohibition . . .” Kerry expresses that such killing with weapons of mass destruction is impermissible, cruel behaviour, and totally unacceptable. Kerry has indicted his own nation. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed by the USA with nuclear weapons 68 years ago. The scars remain. About 45 years ago, the USA bombarded Vietnam with Agent Orange and Napalm. The Vietnamese people and even the American soldiers still suffer from the effects of the chemical abuse. If Kerry is truly sincere, then he should also be condemning Presidents Truman and Johnson, and posthumously disgrace them, too!

There is a rush to go to war. Who is really being protected? Is it America? Is it Israel? Is it Saudi Arabia? Is it Turkey? Who is it? Much of the world opposes military intervention in Syria. Russia, China, India, South Africa, Brazil and Iran are just some of these nations. Further, Pope Francis has now called for a diplomatic solution. This amounts to about half of the world's entire population. Yet, Obama and other warmongers are insisting on punishing Syria. Long before the claim of sarin gas being used on Syrian civilians, the warmongers were insisting on regime change in Syria. Regime change demanded by outside forces seems to be the new fad for overthrowing existing governments of any targeted country.

The USA asserts that if the UN Security Council turns down its call to carry out military strikes on Syria, it will act unilaterally. By this, America is flouting the internationally accepted “war-granting” body. Obama says that he will seek congressional approval to strike Syria, which many deem to be an appropriate measure, since “Congress shall have the power . . . to declare war . . . .” However, Obama and his underlings have twisted the Constitution because it also says: “The president shall be commander in chief of the army and navy of the United States.” Therefore, according to Obama, he can call for military strikes that fly in the face of congressional objections to them. Obama is thereby taking a dictatorial stance by treating the Congress as a merely advisory body, with no real say in the matter. This attitude shows arrogant disdain for the UN, the American Congress, the people of America and the “rule of law”.

In the rush to go to war, for whatever apparent reasons, the agents of the ruling elite – certain leaders of the international community – have inadvertently exposed one method that the ruling elite plan on using to exterminate many human beings. British parliamentarians, in trying to show that President Assad is manufacturing sarin gas, disclosed that British permits were granted to ship sodium fluoride to Syria from Britain. It was then revealed that sodium fluoride is capable of being a precursor chemical in the manufacture of sarin gas. This confirms why so many communities have been forced into storing tonnes of sodium fluoride at fluoride water treatment plants. The ruling elite have many plans to kill off large numbers of humans. One of those plans entails the bombing of sodium fluoride storage depots to create a sarin-like gas, which will kill many people. This is one of the ruling elites' fast-kill plans. They also have many slow-kill plans, such as destroying nuclear reactors and slowly killing humans exposed to the resulting radiation, as is happening in Fukushima at this time.

Anyone who is a threat to the ruling elite is now clearly in their sights. A favourite locale for unseen intimidation of individuals who are targeted by them is the shower, where many things can happen to the victims. Accidents are awaiting many, especially heads of state and political leaders who oppose the ruling elite.

Who is to be the supreme dictator of the world? This is the title that is being pursued by arrogant and deluded bullies of the world. Some people believe that Obama's adamant proposal for striking Syria is to save face. If that is true, then it is exceedingly cruel, sickening and inhumane.