There are many very real things hiding deep in people's lives. Many things go beyond what has been disclosed by authorities and people. Many who would speak out are silenced by fear of the ramifications for exposing the truth. If nobody sacrifices themselves for truth, the perpetual reign of falsehood will continue.

The saying, “Truth will prevail,” does not always apply in this world, because corruption is rampant everywhere. Even when truth is presented, it is more often than not corrupted over time. This applies to religion, various teachings, science, education, law, history, politics and just about every field. Usually, it is people who corrupt messages and interpretations.

Many espouse peace, but few sincerely pursue it. Various monarchs and agents of the ruling elite passionately call for peace whilst actively participating in conflicts and wars behind the scenes. They have vested interests that would deteriorate if there was peace, because they have invested in conquering war machines, and are shareholders in the profits of war. Besides shooting wars and conflicts, these same individuals benefit from ponzi schemes, currency frauds, drug infestations, slavery, smuggling and many other crimes and despicable activities. Yet, these same hypocrites pretend to campaign for democracy, equality, truth, justice and peace.

Some of the deceivers have now been exposed due to the undeniable proof that has been presented regarding the widespread, on-going spying on everyone. Now that their secret activities have been found out, instead of apologising, as one would expect from decent people, these miscreants are defending their actions with arrogantly righteous indignation. They claim that they are protecting their countries and the free world from terrorists, and that is their main justification. If they were pillars of virtue, with unquestionable ethics and dignity, it would still be dangerous to entrust them with the power to spy on everyone and everything. Clearly, those involved in surreptitious spying activities are neither ethical nor dignified. Therefore, their access to everyone's personal details is untenable, undemocratic and despotic – it cannot be allowed!

The voyeurs are supposedly using their spying power for good purposes, but we know it is being used otherwise. They do not passively hold the information; they utilise it very actively. It is employed to justify wars, topple governments, manipulate markets and to further outright criminal ventures. The spies have openly celebrated some of their recent assassinations of perceived terrorists and enemies. Enemies of the spy masters can include political opponents, commercial competitors, religious leaders, bankers, scientists, activists, and others, whether the targets are within their jurisdictions or not. Such is the power of possessing information on everyone! Having everyone's travel itineraries gives the possessors of such knowledge ample opportunities to strike their enemies. With the information, anyone can readily be kidnapped, tortured, threatened, blackmailed, abused or assassinated. It is no wonder the spy masters are so arrogant, abusive and demanding. They use the power of information to control others.

Practically everyone has now heard about the Five Eyes spy ring, which includes America and four British Commonwealth nations. However, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are not full partners in the Five Eyes operations. They are under the orders and influence of Britain and the US. The President of America, and the four Prime Ministers of the other named nations, would appear to be the main culprits in the Five Eyes. However, the Queen of England controls the executive branches of Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Hence, she is ultimately responsible for the spying activities of those four nations. The British monarch and her government also have great influence over US affairs, and therefore bear responsibility for many American activities. Yet, the final say comes from the unseen blank faces who manipulate and control all of the leaders of the Five Eyes. Although the blank faces give the orders, they are under the invisible government.

There are many nations that secretly or openly benefit from co-operation with the Five Eyes. Likewise, there are other Five-Eye like alliances in the world. Thus, there are secret-gathering groups spanning the globe. In fact, every fatal plane, train, car or boating mishap that takes the life of a significant target of any of these groups is reasonably suspicious.

The Five Eyes have had five months to jointly come up with a plan to defend the unjustifiable. They call whistle blowers criminals and traitors, and treat them as such. They use their laws to persecute when feasible, and use criminal means if necessary. They are driven by the premise that the end justifies any means! Nobody is safe from the onslaught. Anyone can be the next victim – anyone, whether they are outside the circles of power or within them.

On a smaller scale, gangsters and pirates try to justify themselves, too, by using dubious defences and blaming those who dobbed them in. Rapists often blame their victims. Crooks cannot be trusted or believed, and now the world leaders have fallen despicably into the category of outlaws.

The Five Eyes are being blackmailed and threatened with exposure of their criminal activities by outsiders whom they have used in the past to spy and kill for them. It is these small groups and nations that are laws unto themselves. They can raid, bomb and terrorise at will because of the information they hold over the Five Eyes. They can attack anyone without the approval of any other nation. The only way to stop these blackmailers is for the Five Eyes to come clean, apologise unconditionally, do the right thing and start re-building trust in them.

Spying has crossed all the lines. If it continues, tyranny is inevitable. Everyone will become its prisoner.