Three centuries ago, I heard a distant cry and fled my motherland to America, and wrote on behalf of freedom. Today, I heard the same cry from the land I have learned to love. American liberty is in grave danger. Again, I write from a foreign land on behalf of American freedom.

There is a powerful, well-funded, global anti-gun movement that has swept the world. Few are those who have resisted the anti-gun propaganda. For now, at least, America stands firmly against the anti-gunners, because America's founders had the foresight to implant the citizens' right to bear arms into its foundational document, the Constitution of the United States. All laws in America must conform to the Constitution, or they are void. The Second Amendment of the American Constitution reads:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

The Americans successfully broke away from Britain's German-Hanover Tyrant, King George III, in 1783, after defeating the tyrant in the Revolutionary War. The Second Amendment was ratified in their Constitution in 1791, eight years after his defeat. They had eight years for deep reflection on how they could deter another tyrant from ruling the country. Thus, to protect the citizens of the new nation from future despotic governments, they demanded that the right to bear arms would be so basic as to be beyond question.

The global push to topple any tyrants, real or imagined, has been carried out for years. It is always the supposed dictators and tyrants that are targeted. America is in a unique position. Its citizens have the absolute and unquestioned right to lawfully bear arms, which is guaranteed by their Second Amendment. Hence, the anti-gun globalists would have a hard time accusing America of being run by tyrants, and, consequently, they cannot justify invading and toppling America to force a regime change. The Second Amendment thus stands to protect American liberty from tyrants, foreign and domestic.

The anti-gun movement is swirling in America today. There is a powerful foreign force that has initiated and supported the anti-gun movement. The movement knows no ethics, and has no conscience whatsoever. Whether the movement orchestrates mass shooting incidents, or opportunistically hijacks them, clearly, it gorges on the misery of the victims and their loved ones.

The anti-gun movement is at war with liberty!

There are many within the anti-gun movement who are sincerely concerned about safety and security, who have been sucked in by the blank faces' propaganda against lawful gun ownership. President Obama and his cabinet might fit into this category. At best, they have been duped by the propaganda and agenda of the blank faces. At worst, they are active participants. The blank faces sponsored George III, who tried his best to seize all the guns from the American colonists. It was because they refused the tyrant's demands that they were slaughtered in Lexington and Concord. This sparked off the American Revolutionary War. One of the main reasons for the war was that the tyrant tried to seize the guns, which would have rendered the people helpless against him and all future tyrants.

Today, the tyrants wear different clothes than they did in the eighteenth century, but, underneath, they are still the same. The blank faces were after American guns in the eighteenth century, and their main agent was George III. Taking away guns, and the right to bear arms, is akin to taking away liberty from the people. Think hard, this is a serious situation it was then, it is today, and it will be tomorrow.

If the guns are relinquished, whether well-intended or otherwise, it absolutely risks liberty for any future generations. Whether Obama would become a tyrant is not the issue at all. Can Obama, or anybody else in the anti-gun movement, guarantee against future American tyrants if the Second Amendment is trampled or extinguished?

Registration of arms and background checks all sound good, due to the blank faces' propaganda. But, the hidden agenda behind the propaganda is to steal freedom, and to easily target those who possess guns. Tyrants cannot be trusted, and foreign interests have been after American liberty for centuries. Their anti-gun movement is their latest and loudest thrust so far.

If Americans want to give away their freedom, they may as well join the blank faces' anti-gun movement. If they think that liberty is something worth fighting for for themselves, their children and future generations then they must act decisively, and they must act now. Tomorrow could be too late.

Remember, the Second Amendment is the main thing standing in the way of tyranny. Without the right to bear arms, all other rights are merely privilege-coloured tinsel.