If life is random, as some would have us believe, then there is no purpose whatsoever in life. That is, if life is accidental, there is no consciousness, and no continuation of consciousness. Therefore, life would end at death, meaning life is devoid of purpose. For those who accept this type of humanistic and atheistic approach, they probably condone or envy the criminals and perverts who dare to rob, murder and ruin innocent victims. Criminality is now the most effective way to get ahead in this world. It is no wonder that the world is such a mess, with the surge of immorality that Darwinian scientists have foisted upon us. It is amazing how much horror has been committed since science has attempted to usurp God.

There are those who say that one creates one's own reality. If that were absolutely true, it would not matter whether there was a guiding Intelligence or not. It would be absolute chaos, with everyone creating realities atop realities. People can affect their immediate environment, but that is not creating a reality. As people affect their lives, they can create niches within the environment that affect themselves and others.

For those whose faith is anchored by having personal experience with the Divine, the Darwinian proposition about the accidental creation of everything is unmitigated nonsense. Most of those who go by faith do so because something inside of their being knows that there is a purpose to existence, even if that purpose is only to escape from this hell-hole prison of a virtual reality and the Problem of Evil.

Whether people believe in predestination of the soul or fate, their individual experiences are valid. As people drift away from the Divine, they allow Darkness to take hold of more and more niches on the Earth and elsewhere. In this sense, they are assisting Darkness.

Atheists scoff at the concept of Good versus Evil, based on all the scientific and psychological explanations they have accepted. It should be realised that Darwin, Jung and Freud are very recent entrants to history. It could be argued that there was evil before Darwin, but that evil was perceived as evil by those who endured it. It was seen for the horror that it was. Today, many people are on hedonistic or sadistic paths, their minds having been poisoned and emboldened by scientific theory into believing that there is no accountability for one's actions and no God, and consequently all Hell is breaking loose on Earth. Individuals are killing on the streets, groups are killing others, and national governments and political alliances are killing as never before seen in history. This is how civilisation has developed.

Genghis Khan has nothing on NATO. Adolf Hitler has nothing on NATO. NATO has become a near perfect warrior for Darkness. It justifies and sanctifies all of its killings. Recently, an important representative of NATO, Prince Charles, the first in line to the English throne, compared Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler, presumably based on Russia's acquisitions of South Odessa, Abkhazia, and Crimea. Is Prince Charles ignorant of the fact that the Soviet Union suffered at least 20 million deaths fighting Nazi Germany? Is he also ignorant of the glaring fact that his German ancestors, who took the British throne under George I and remain there today, have been the most imperialist and colonising family in all history? Under Queen Victoria, the British Empire ruled over 1/3 of all the people and the land on Earth. Even today, 15 nations call Elizabeth II their queen and head of state. 53 Commonwealth countries remain under the influence and unrelenting grip of Charles' mother, Queen Elizabeth II. There is no sign of those colonies being voluntarily relinquished by the British Royals. On the contrary, the Royals are employing a huge propaganda machine to expand their popularity and influence around the world. The British Royals have even made inroads into America, which threw off the tyranny of George III. How ironic and hypocritical! Let us hope that nobody ever tries to emulate the expansionist, colonising British Royals again. It is bad enough that NATO has already absorbed North America, Europe, much of the Middle East and Africa and is on the way to Australia and all of Asia. Of course it is after Russia!

In reality, NATO is the replacement of Nazi Germany and its Axis Powers! It has consolidated most of the Axis Powers (which included Germany, Italy, Japan and others) with most of the Allied Forces that fought against the fascists. The combined Axis/Allies NATO is moving at breakneck speed as it attempts to surround China and Russia. In its land-grabbing, resource-grabbing, power-grabbing wake, NATO has destroyed Libya and Iraq. It is in the process of destroying Afghanistan. It has splintered Yugoslavia, and swallowed up most of Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East. NATO moves by force and stealth, by bribes and bombs, by deceit and destruction it moves, destroys and swallows, moves, destroys and swallows.

NATO claims to be spreading democracy, liberty and affluence, but it is really spreading tyranny. As Niccolo Machiavelli observed, in a world of extensive political factionalism and lust for domination, any means can be employed in the efforts to win and retain power. Machiavelli stood for the idea that one can employ virtue, deceit, flattery, and murder to obtain political goals. In short, all is fair in love and war! Indeed, NATO is a Machiavellian Tyrant!

Appearances can be deceiving. NATO is not the Prince of Peace. Being religious is not necessarily being spiritual. Strangely, even atheists can be spiritual. Scratch the surface, and there are those who are sincerely spiritual and longing for God, even though they are practising atheists. Conversely, there are many religious zealots who are rotten to the core and self righteous.

What the world needs is to reject Darkness and restore its faith in our Loving God.