Money has controlled the world for a long time. Politicians and commercial leaders are quick to tempt communities and people with the slogan that a particular project will create more jobs, improve the economy and bring more prosperity. Many questionable enterprises are brought about by luring promises of job and financial security. Most of these projects are driven by greed.

There is a small group of rich and powerful people at the top who manipulate human affairs to enrich and empower themselves at the expense of everyone and everything on Earth. Health, recreation, education, social and cultural affairs, investments, the economy, politics, religion, wars and many other things are all directed and influenced by these few to benefit themselves and those just under them on the scale of wealth. These are the ones who promote and maintain slavery, wars and conflicts with the intent of demoralising and manipulating society to consolidate and maintain their power. They use banks, corporations, the media, nation states and their armies to police the world and protect their interests. These immoral people will eliminate any threats to their empire. The Five Eyes are their main agents – all the rest of the nations aligned with the West are mere numbers and fodder, never to be allowed into their inner circle.

As Christmas approaches, the rich and powerful are making many deceptive moves. America has many enemies within who are bent on bringing it down. It has been infiltrated over the centuries, and the infiltrators are now comfortably situated. The irregular war against the United States has been ongoing over the centuries, but has intensified especially in the last few decades. People are blinded by deceptive propaganda and false promises of peace and prosperity. The strategy is to control the people in all aspects of their lives. The tactic of divide and conquer is being used against America and the world, and facilitates domestic conflicts, international wars and destruction. The main tool for the manipulation of affairs has been money. Money is the universal language. Nearly everyone can be bribed by money and its potential to fulfil dreams.

All around the world, indigenous peoples would not have been so effectively conquered, displaced or eliminated had it not been for money. Money corrupts, and, over the years, has worked itself into all aspects of modern life, making it almost impossible for people to exist without it. Money not only controls and enslaves ordinary people, it controls and has enslaved those at the very top, who have been deluded into thinking that they are the power in the world, when, in fact, money is their master.

The force of money is used in America to fuel a racially based divide and conquer energy. Police homicides, mainly committed by white police against black victims, are a symptom of the irregular war conducted against the United States. Money wears so many different faces, and moves in so many different ways, that it is hard to rationally link it with its surreptitious activities. Who would have suspected that money is the ultimate force behind the racial hatred surfacing in America?

Money equates to power. Power equates to control. Money has its own consciousness, which covets power and control. Although money can be used to do good by some who have not been too corrupted by it, it is primarily used selfishly for vile purposes.

People have lost so much awareness that they are becoming biological robots, with their minds being controlled by many aspects of money. For money, they will betray their families, friends, countries and themselves. In short, they will sell their “souls” for money. In Arizona, America is about to sell one of its last vestiges of hallowed land and liberty to foreign corporations. The land in question is known as Oak Flats, and is located in the south-eastern part of the state. The foreign corporations, Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton, are both Anglo-Australian, multi-national mining companies. Their main motivation is to extract copper from the land, which is currently a federal reserve.

Arizona Senator John McCain, using the mantra of “jobs, jobs, jobs,” has surreptitiously tacked a land swap of the Oak Flats to Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton onto a defence appropriation bill, which would allow these corporations to avoid the environmental protection laws in place as they blast the copper out of the land. Many people can see that McCain has betrayed all of America by giving the land to foreign forces that are hostile to the land and its people. Symbolically, if the Oak Flats betrayal goes ahead, it will transfer sacred land, which has been under the guardianship of certain Apache tribes for centuries, to hostile forces bent on destroying the land and the people's liberty. All this aside, if the Oak Flats land is sacrificed to Money, it will mark the downfall of the nation. It is far more serious than it appears on the surface! The spirit of America is within the grasp of Money.

Even now, Money is making plans to invade Russia. The revival of the Cold War propaganda, the rise of Islamic State, worldwide terrorism, nuclear threats, carbon emission campaigns, regime change activities and so on, are all geared towards activities and changes to further enrich and empower those most corrupted by Money. There has never been a drive for peace, democracy or prosperity. These are all false promises. At best, ordinary people can receive some crumbs, which they excitedly accept. Money is waging a war against the Elements. Ultimately, Money is waging a war against humanity to forever enslave it and maintain the master-slave relationship. It would be a big mistake to invade Russia. If it is done, Money will turn the tables on the West.

Through its human agents, Money is waging war against the Earth, its people, land, seas and air. The Earth is stained with blood and tears, all sacrificed to Money, which manifests in many forms to avoid being detected by the One. Fortunately, the power behind money has been identified. Although it is not yet readily apparent, the power behind Money, the real tyrant on Earth, is losing confidence.