The rush is on as the year draws closer to an end. The West and other parts of the world are busily caught up in the urgency to fulfil their own political and other plans. Amidst this haste, a deeply hidden player is intensely focusing on its own secret agenda.

Various parts of the Middle East and North Africa are in turmoil with conflicts and wars. For many reasons, parts of Africa and the Middle East have been drawn into various wars. Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, Egypt and Palestine have all been greatly affected. The Middle East conflicts are bigger, deeper and much more complex than they appear on the surface.

A hidden player has hoodwinked the whole world whilst pursuing its agenda. While all the players in the Middle East conflicts have their own reasons for engaging in attacks and counter-attacks, these wars and conflicts have built a foundation for an ambitious agenda that could change the political landscape of the world.

The hidden force sweeping through North Africa and the Middle East, with the help of the unwitting West, could develop into a new empire. Although the West is greedily pursuing its own interests, it is being used, and has been hoodwinked by those who are looking at the greater picture. As the West covets the oil fields, profits of war and nurtures other imperialistic desires, it is foolishly undoing itself. The hidden force that has infested the region is gaining strength by the decade, and it now has some minions following its lead. This hidden force, while wearing the mask of Islam, is no friend of Muslims. It is hijacking Islam for its own purposes; it is adversarial to true Islam and Christianity. It is also no friend of women, the West, or most of the world. It is a very ambitious, arrogant and deceptive force lurking in the shadows, waiting to announce itself.

While oil appears to be the main reason for all the conflicts in the Middle East, it is foremost a lure, and not the major cause of the conflagrations. Israel is so arrogantly ambitious itself that it has been a very easy target for the hidden force to use against itself, its citizens, and its neighbours.

Israel has played into the hands of the hidden force and has been thoroughly hoodwinked, too. It has been kept so actively focused on expansion of its nation state and conflict with its neighbours that it is blind to its greatest danger. At present, Israel is openly obstructing any movement or proposals that could reduce sanctions against Iran. It is especially focused on denying Iran, and certain other nations, access to nuclear weapons. Its reasoning regarding nuclear weapons is flawed, because if Israel and other countries can have them, why should North Korea and Iran be denied them? Are those currently holding nuclear weapons more responsible and trustworthy? Certainly not! Many warmongers have access to these weapons of mass destruction, and they use these weapons to threaten others and pursue their own interests.

Whatever reasons are being put forward, it would be a huge mistake to bomb Iran. It would adversely impact the entire world if it were to happen. Were Iran to be bombed or invaded, there will be tremendous repercussions. The only one to benefit from such an attack would be the hidden force. Israel, the West, and those involved in the overthrow of Iraq and Libya, should be alerted to the enemies within their ranks who strove for these conflicts. NATO and the United Nations have been hoodwinked, too. Further, many young Muslims throughout the world are being sucked in by this force due to resentment caused by the suffering of their own people. This hidden force has fooled many people, and has spawned an irregular army around the world to further its purposes. Ironically, the terrorist phantom that the West created to further its imperialistic desires has been commandeered by the hidden force, and moulded into a real threat that is now attacking its own inventor.

This force has played many groups against one another. It has caused Muslims to hate the West, and the West to distrust and hate Muslims. While all sides have their own reasons for their actions and responses, they have all missed their common enemy. This force will not tolerate Israel, although it is currently doing so, and even working together with that nation. Eventually, this force plans to eliminate Israel. The main powers that stood in the way of the force were Libya, Iraq, Syria and Iran. The force has used NATO and the United Nations to weaken and disadvantage all of those countries, and devastate Iraq and Libya. As the UN and NATO begin to tire of the wars being driven by the force to establish its own empire, smaller groups of nations are doing the work for the force. The coalition fighting on behalf of the force is now primarily composed of the United States, the British Commonwealth, France and other select countries.

While the force is getting the West to fight Muslims, it is also attracting a lot of Muslims to fight other Muslims. On the surface, the force appears to be an emblem and standard bearer of Islam; but, to reiterate, it is no friend of Islam. This force seeks to destroy both Islam and Christianity as it pits them against one another and themselves. Turkey is ripe for the picking by the force, even though it appears to be in alliance with it today.

Although Egypt has been used by the West, its most dangerous enemy is the silent force lurking nearby. The plan is to get the West to remove all the strong obstacles nearby, whilst it is simultaneously led down a self-destructive path. The force panders to the greed, pride, arrogance and ambition of its prey. This force fears Iran because of its political, military, religious combination. Iran, for many reasons, is the hardest opponent for the force to dismantle. The West has used many tools to corrupt much of the East, which has weakened much of Asia, such that it poses less of a threat to the ultimate goals of the hidden force.

This force is dictatorial and tyrannical, even to its own people. It suppresses women and appeals to male chauvinist egos. While it is one of the profiteers of war, it is ready to betray those who think they are its friends. Right now, this empire is a fledgling, laying in wait. It still needs the West to attack Iran, Russia and China. Once those conflagrations commence, this force will show its real face. Presently, it seems to be a lackey for the West. But, the whole world should beware of what Saudi Arabia is brewing, as it gears towards becoming a catalyst for a world conflict. While Saudi Arabia appears to be only a minor player, its forces and its “insurgents” have helped topple Iraq and Libya and is now working on Syria. It has also been covertly gathering forces and allies as it prepares to surprise the world.

While the world has responded to humanitarian pleas to take in more refugees from war-torn regions, Saudi Arabia and its allies have been able to prepare many “refugees” for their new homes. These could strike around the world on a moment's notice. This irregular army is being dispersed all over the world, and will be used to cause racial and cultural conflicts in their new host nations. When the time is ripe, these reserves can be called upon for various duties.

A deliberate plan is being implemented to set a dreadful agenda in motion. Parties all around the world are already distrustful of one another, and before long they will be heading directly to the brink of all-out war with one another. If the West can be tricked into entering an all-out conflagration against Iran, Russia and China, it will be doing the clearing for the empire waiting to surface. The West will be devastated because so many enemies are lurking within, on the ready to topple Western governments for the hidden force.

It seems that the nations of the world are exploiting one another, with one-half being victims, and the other half being the bullies. The United Nations should stand for peace, but instead it facilitates ongoing wars. While everyone is looking East or West, they have overlooked a dangerous schemer lurking in the Middle East.