The Reichstag Fire of 1933 was re-enacted in 2014 in Kiev. The fascists are on the move. This is no time for Neville Chamberlain-style appeasement of these fascists. The racist thugs are taking over the once nuclear-armed Ukraine. Illegal as it is, anti-democratic as it is, and dangerous as it is, the fools or fiends of the UN, the EU, NATO, America and so on are praising, condoning, and nurturing the villains and supporting and rewarding the criminals in Kiev. If the fascists gain absolute control of the Ukraine, given the country's strategic location to strike Russian and European targets, their sponsors will urge them to fortify before aiming their weapons.

This dangerously totalitarian force which has committed a coup d'ètat in the Ukraine is attempting to obliterate the democratic will of the people everywhere. Things are moving so fast that the world does not have the five years that elapsed between the Reichstag Fire and the offered olive branches. The bodies entrusted to be fair, unbiased and just – the United Nations (UN), European Union (EU) and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) – that are supposed to uphold democratic principles, administer justice, and to strive for equality and freedom for humanity, have become sponsors of anti-democratic rioters, terrorists, bullies, and wannabe dictators in their expansionist pursuit.

People are at the mercy of violent, destructive fanatical groups. Almost everything that humanity now stands for is a direct result of the putrid brainwashing (“opium”) that permeates peoples' thoughts, words and deeds. The behaviour modification of the masses has been ongoing for several decades. Finally, the brainwashers are on the brink of reaping their harvest.

Whilst the trusted bodies (UN, EU, NATO and so on) and their handlers are busily focusing and sidetracking people with what their plans are, they are surreptitiously plotting against freedom and humanity. UNEUNATO (Un-Good-NATO) has created the war on terrorism that paved the path for the fascist force, the Monster, that nobody suspected. UNEUNATO has led people to believe that Islamic extremists make up the most dangerous force on the planet. UNEUNATO has so effectively spread its propaganda around the world that people have surrendered their freedom to the war on terrorism. UNEUNATO now has free rein, at the expense of liberty around the world.

Fascist movements will spring up everywhere. They are in America, Canada, Australia, and many other Western countries. The Nordic fanatics will not tolerate the darker-skinned migrants in their respective countries. They will use various excuses to attack them. The most prominent attacks will occur for supposed economic-based reasons. The new fascists will be far more dangerous than Islamic extremists.

If they can destructively topple a democratically elected sitting government in Kiev without blame or punishment, they will soon go after other cities. Given that their charged focus will soon be on nuclear weapons, London, Paris and Washington will be prime targets if the fascist marauders have their way. As China and Russia are feared by the Monster, it will not engage them at this time. The Monster's key interest in Kiev is not oil, as it appeared to be in many other conquests; its focus is now turning to nuclear weapons! Therefore, Tel Aviv's nuclear arsenal makes it a vulnerable target of the Monster. However, if the Monster were to go for Israel, the method of conquest and extermination could be very different to that employed in Egypt and the Ukraine. North Korea, India and Pakistan are also in extreme danger, as are the pre-nuclear nations of Syria and Iran.

The Monster will not stop at the Ukraine; it seeks to seize power and more territories, whilst it crushes liberty and democracy. It will continue installing its new brand of anti-democratic government that disregards the will of the majority, and will tyrannically demand the obedience of those it barbarically conquers.

UNEUNATO shields its gangsters in its self-created international tribunals, that will always find the toppled governments at fault in order to justify supporting the marauders it sent into irregular or regular combat. The international courts do the bidding of their creators; they will protect the Monster. Behind the scenes, UNEUNATO is also pitting Christians and Muslims against one another. It pretends to call for restraint, truce, negotiations, and peace. There is no negotiating with UNEUNATO or its Monster. There is no peace or truth in the Monster or its masters. They rape every country they touch.

The Monster springs from UNEUNATO and other international organisations, which will lose control of it very soon. The Monster will turn against its masters when it gains control of the situation. The façade created by UNEUNATO will not hold forever; it, too, will eventually collapse. The force of the Monster is no friend of Muslims, Christians, Buddhists or Jews. Any members of UNEUNATO that still have a conscience should fight against its terror on humanity.

The sick joke is on Hitler and his followers. Contrary to their belief in Aryans being a white-skinned, fair-haired, blue-eyed master race, the Aryans are nothing like that. They are a far cry from anything resembling Nordics.