The centuries old plan to control by materialistic greed before bankrupting the world is nearing completion, as the blank faces await the collection of their dues. They employed many schemes to get people involved in debt, and to accept indebtedness as a way of life, without the shameful stigma attached to it. Before long, ordinary people, economists, business managers and government leaders were recklessly promoting and practising unsustainable and irrational indebtedness.

People were enticed to spend beyond their means, as they were conditioned to desire instant gratification to satisfy their egos and materialistic lifestyles. Towards that end, they went deeper and deeper into debt. People, businesses and governments all fell into the ego-debt traps. Today, the debt situation is so serious that most people and countries cannot repay their debts.

In the eighteenth century, Thomas Paine saw through the debt trap, and warned America to reject England's perpetual debt trap. In The Crisis, Paine clearly exposed the folly of the latter:

By a curious kind of revolution in accounts, the people of England seem to mistake their poverty for their riches; that is, they reckon their national debt as a part of their national wealth . . . there are as effectual limits to public debts as to private ones, for when once the money borrowed is so great as to require the whole yearly revenue to discharge the interest thereon, there is an end to further borrowing.

The debt crisis has infected the whole world. Entire countries are bankrupt and at the mercy of the ruling elite, who control the lenders, who control the nations, who control the people. One should ask, “Where do the lenders get their money from?” Regardless of what theories are being propagated, the truth is that most money comes from thin air. Today, it is primarily accepted as a means of exchange because of sleight of hand techniques.

The United States is so many trillion dollars in debt that it can never honestly repay its debts. It has no intention of honouring its debt. By many deceptive means, it is attempting to borrow into oblivion. Americans are thoroughly infected with the English debt disease of which Thomas Paine warned them. America has fallen victim to the blank faces, who are directing its government to bankrupt itself and the world. The blank faces want to crash the entire monetary system and establish a new system of exchange that will allow them to even more effectively control the whole world.

America is now being tricked by the ruling elite into imposing economic sanctions on countries with which it disagrees. At this point, the sanctions on nations such as North Korea and Iran have not had earth-shaking effects. However, America is now threatening economic sanctions on Russia, which is a dangerously reckless step for the United States, but it is exactly what the blank faces want it to do.

America is deluded, thinking itself the wealthiest and most powerful nation in the world, when it is actually the most indebted nation. From this delusional perspective, the United States is dictating to the world. It has become the most hated dictator in the world. Even its supposed allies are cursing and spitting on it behind its back. America has lost its way. Its founders warned it not to get involved with the warmongering Europeans. Yet, America has become more warmongering than the Europeans! Its founders warned America to stay out of debt, yet it embraced the English perpetual debt model.

The grave risk in America imposing economic sanctions on Russia lies in the possibility of Russia and China selling off all their holdings of American bonds. The economic impact of such an enormous calling of American debt could start a panic sell off that could immediately bankrupt the United States and cause worldwide economic chaos. Nobody would have confidence in American dollars. The more it printed, the less confidence the world would have in its fiat currency, which comes from thin air! Nobody would trust the Euro either!

There is a force waiting to tear America apart and break it to bits. It is a pity that its “drunken” leaders are dragging the nation into wars, debtor's prison and absolute slavery. Ironically, America, which was founded on the principle of freedom, is becoming the biggest toady for the blank faces.