There is always a danger of the military overthrowing civilian governments. Egypt and Thailand are recent examples of this. However, a military force is an important and integral part of a nation's government. The maintenance of military forces involves taking reasonable risks to ensure defence of, and power over, the citizens of a nation.

While military forces are necessary for protecting national interests, they are simultaneously deadly dangerous to all citizens. Military operations have been used to massacre and wipe out opposition by destroying entire villages, communities or regions. By profession, military people are trained to kill on command. Therefore, ideally, all military commanders should be virtuous. However, the reality is that many commanders are immoral miscreants. This poses a serious danger in the modern world.

In line with the Plan, Western governments are now effusively memorialising military achievements of the past. They are promoting war heroics and honouring past soldiers as never before. Wreaths for fallen military personnel are being laid by prime ministers, presidents and others with great respect. Parades are held, along with other commemorative events. Politicians are stumbling over themselves to honour the dead in epidemic proportions.

The military is being promoted and accepted positively. In Australia, for instance, the newly appointed Governor-General, who is the Queen's representative and commander in chief of the armed forces, is a retired army general. The new governor to be of the state of New South Wales is an army general. The person in charge of the Australian search effort for missing flight MH 370 is a retired air marshal. Indeed, this is in line with the Plan as the continent prepares to receive the Red Dragon!

Even if all military commanders were virtuous, they are often given orders by corrupt civilian governments. When virtuous commanders receive inhumane orders from their superiors, they are put in a dilemma. Do they ignore their conscience and obey the orders, or listen to their conscience and risk punishment for disobeying? With regard to commanders and soldiers who are not virtuous, they will tend to follow all orders without question.

Governments are known to abuse and sacrifice their own military personnel in the name of patriotism. They will trod on their own military people when it suits them, but will call on their service when it suits them, too. No wonder there is distrust amongst civilian governments and military forces in their constant power struggles.

On the individual level, there are soldiers who carry out their orders, but who are also willing to question or refuse orders that violate their conscience. This category of soldiers is in the minority; they do not really fit into the stark military model. When there is conscription, or forced military service, there will be a larger percentage of soldiers with conscience. Voluntary military service will naturally reduce the percentage of soldiers with conscience.

Recent military coups have been condoned by the West, which is endangering those civilian governments that have previously been relatively immune to military coups. Military coups can now occur in just about any country in the world. The culprits have started a fire they cannot put out!

Today, exceedingly dangerous elite military forces are being recruited and trained. These are the ones who kill without conscience and perform without question. These select forces operate under cover of secrecy. Even their fellow soldiers may be oblivious to their special involvement in various secret operations. The operations are so secret that nobody outside of those involved knows anything about them. These elite groups can be called upon to assassinate domestically and internationally on command and keep absolutely silent about their operations.

The taking of Malaysia Airlines flight MH 370 was part of a very secret military experiment. Many scientists are totally amoral. They see nothing wrong with sacrificing an entire laboratory full of rabbits or mice to find out a result. While there are those who place no value whatsoever on laboratory animals, a more dangerous group of them, often military scientists, will do the same thing to human specimens. How many warmongers in civilian governments have family members who fight for their countries? They do not care about casualties of war, even when they hypocritically call their own military personnel heroes!

Revolutionary stealth techniques were employed as an ordinary commercial passenger aircraft was remotely commandeered, the crew and passengers silenced, and the plane flown to a military spot where it was safely landed. This operation is so secret that the culprit governments and their military commanders are in the dark.

Some family members of missing passengers are now trying to raise funds for an independent investigation of what happened to the flight. Any investigation of the flight will be unlikely to uncover anything substantial, because there are plots within the plots, and secrets within secrets. Any information obtained should necessarily be treated with extreme caution. The people involved are adept at lies, deception, misinformation, murder and treachery.