If there is a battle in Heaven, what chance is there for peace on Earth? There will always be war marring the world as long as there is serious and real inequality. The pre-history and history of this planet show that battles, conflicts and wars ruin the lives of people.

There will always be divisions because people are not all treated the same. From the top to the bottom of the social strata, there is a hierarchy. In this era of reasoning, modernisation and advancement of thought, various people still subject themselves to rule by monarchs. Whether monarchs rule absolutely, by consent, or surreptitiously, subservience to monarchs defies all arguments for equality. Wherever there are monarchs, there are necessarily subjects who bow to them. Monarchs claim by birthright that they be recognised and honoured as being royally superior to everyone.

Monarchies rely on their ancestors and history to justify their artificially elevated and royal positions. By contrast, those born into slavery are regarded as lesser beings. The untouchables carry a detestable stigma, even today. Vast inequality still encompasses the world. As long as there are monarchs, there will always be subjects, and wars.

Monarchies are antiquated. If people want equality, even in perception, they must abandon the belief that others are born higher than they are. Whether the monarchs claim to rule by divine right or by consent, they glorify themselves as they lord over people. A royal cough is deemed worthy of concern, yet an epidemic killing subjects can be trivialised. A war can kill hundreds of thousands of subjects, all to benefit the monarchs.

By analogy, any form of leadership which claims power by birthright, in any setting, is establishing a hierarchy that is inaccessible to the less privileged by birth. Worse still, when a claim of infallibility accompanies power by birthright, as has been asserted by some, it is a certain recipe for conflict and war. In this day and age, we assume most people realise that nobody is infallible, yet they still follow the old belief that the king can do no wrong. There are even present day written constitutions – such as those of Denmark and Spain –that expressly state that the king is above the law. In implied constitutions it is often understood that the monarchs are above the law.

Any form of hierarchy is conducive to battles and wars. The ancient hierarchies allowed for the division of the haves and the have nots. These divisions, whether in political, military, religious, commercial or any other groupings, set dangerous precedents. People are either equal, or they are not. Governments today demand that people follow and sustain certain traditional hierarchies that widen the gap between the rich and poor.

Many of the hierarchies on Earth are there for the select few, not for anyone else. Hierarchies show the power of those on top of the piles. There can be no real or perceived equality as long as there are such hierarchies.

People are led to believe that if they abolish monarchies, and establish republics or other forms of democracies, there will be equality. But, history testifies that presidents, prime ministers and parliaments can put themselves above the law, just like monarchs do. Even sincere leaders are still subjected to bullying and blackmail by the hierarchies established by monarchs, autocrats and the ruling elite. Thus, hierarchies are still dictating inequality and maintaining the master-slave mentality, whatever form it takes.

Countries are forced to acknowledge and maintain hierarchies that were established by the blank faces millennia ago. The monarchical hierarchies were created by the blank faces. Hence, monarchs must do the bidding of the blank faces, who remain anonymous as they rule from behind the scenes.

The Western blank faces have been stirring all around the world. The Saudi Arabian monarch, who has tremendous power over domestic and international affairs, is a lackey for the blank faces. Western nations have leaders who do the bidding of the blank faces, whether they are aware of this or not. In other words, monarchs, along with the leaders of republics and other forms of government, are really inferior subjects of the blank faces, who influence everything on the planet. The rest of the people fall somewhere down the descending ladder of inferiority, all the way down to the untouchables.

People of the world have been lied to by their own leaders, be they monarchs or presidents. This deception is ongoing. It brings misery, suffering and wars to the people. The blank faces demand blood sacrifices, and that is the crux of why there are so many wars. The leaders must continue to provide the blood demanded by the blank faces or they will be ousted from power and deprived of material comforts and special privileges.

It is time to defy the blank faces, and all their agents. Their agents call for peace, yet they relish war. They are the people of the Lie; they have no truth in them. They disarm their citizens, keep them impoverished, and, if the people protest, they kill them. They massacre people in Egypt and claim that they are on a path to peace. They murder in Gaza and claim to be seeking peace. They call for compassion and human rights while they secretly or openly starve, torture and murder others. They lust for blood. They thrive on killing. They are supreme gangsters.

The Nobel Peace Prize awarded to United States President, Barack Obama, is an absolute mockery. Obama passionately leads an invasive, bullying, warring administration; he does not sincerely pursue peace, liberty or equality. The award should be stripped away from him.

Freedom is for individuals. Liberty does not fit into any hierarchy. As long as hierarchies exist, there can be no real freedom. Individuals have to stand up for freedom to liberate themselves. Monarchs need subjects to survive, not the other way around. Presidents need citizens to survive, not the other way around. Monarchs and other governments rarely form symbiotic relationships with their subjects, they usually prey on them parasitically.

As long as people believe that they are unworthy and inferior to others, they will forever be willingly subjugated to those whom they perceive as more worthy and superior. Monarchs who truly believe in equality of the people would want to abolish their thrones. They would know that they are no more precious or worthy than any others on the planet; they are not gods.

The title, “Your Royal Highness”, is really an insult to all those who must address royals as such. The title denigrates those who must utter it as it elevates those who receive it. It is not unlike slaves being forced to humbly address their owners as “master” or “my lord”. These times are long past. This is the twenty-first century; a Royal Highness is as absurd as a Common Highness.

It is unlikely that royals will abolish their thrones. So, it is incumbent on all those who perceive themselves as subjects to change their way of thinking. Let those who wish to do so continue to waddle in the pond of delusions, as they join in the outmoded promenade. Those who can see through the farce should begin seeing themselves as equals, as free people, unbound by artificially constructed hereditary institutions of kingship.